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Friday, June 07, 2002
A Reader Weighs In

I just had to giggle when I saw that we got our first review from an reviewer.

I say "we" because I am one of "20 young, progressive feminists" (so says who published an anthology called "Jane Sexes It Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire" recently. The reader/reviewer from Seattle says that all of us in the anthology share a love of sex! She also says that the book "will change your life," which is nice to hear whether it's true or not.

All of us were very honest in our essays about our personal lives and our politics, and so it's gratifying to get such a great response from a reader and from the press. All the press reviews are assembled by our fearless editor, Lisa Johnson, at this site.

My part of the anthology is about becoming and being a "feminist wife" and how I stake my own claim in what both of those words "mean."

Anyway, I'm proud to be part of this anthology and so forgive me for bragging a little says there are only 5 copies of the book left (but more on the way)--hurry and go order!

Thursday, June 06, 2002
I finally figured out how to do a link so you can go right to (or your local bookstore) to check out"Drinking: A Love Story." Or, even better, go to your local library and check it out! That's what I've been doing lately....and saving a lot of money!

Bookstores and libraries: two of my favorite places to be.
I like
"Drinking: A Love Story"

I just read that Caroline Knapp, author of "Drinking: A Love Story" died this week at age 42 of lung cancer.
Wow. I really, really enjoyed reading "Drinking" a few years back and "liked" Caroline, the way you like someone whose starkly honest and unflinchingly real memoir you have just absorbed into your consciousness.

It's one of those memoirs you whip through in about 2 days and you are forever changed. She describes what it was (or is) like to be an alcoholic and the private battles you fight. For the first time, I could see what, why, and how an alcoholic does what they do and it forever changed my understanding of alcoholism. Plus, she's an excellent writer and a woman who talks about herself with a deep level of self-awareness so that you really "get to know her." Later, she wrote a book called "Pack of Two" about her relationship with her dog, which I have not read, but have heard it is great.

I shared "Drinking: A Love Story" with my Aunt Terry and Uncle Pat, who both have alcoholics in their families (as I do, of course), who found it as educational and moving as I did. I have never been a big drinker, but this book helped me understand the psyche and hearts of those who can't control their drinking on their own. A worthwhile read if you haven't read it yet.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002
Clean Up Day

It's clean up day at the office! Every semester, we have a day devoted to cleaning up and organizing all those things that we never get around to the other days. We wear jeans and it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere. It's great.

I only wish I could have Clean Up Day at home--imagine how much I could get done: closets, the garage, the kitchen cabinets, etc. So funny that now that I have a toddler, I fantasize about having uninterrupted time not to read or take naps (well...that, too), but to organize and clean the house. The only problem is then keeping it clean....sigh...

I really need to write down my goals for the summer and include organizing the house section by section (hey, one dresser drawer in a evening would be an accomplishment). Tonight, I'll start with the front hall closet and pack away all those winter items we won't need for awhile. I have to remember to put aside the hats and stuff that we don't want and start a dress-up box for Molly. Now, where to store that box....?

Tuesday, June 04, 2002
I'm Back in Blue

I'm back blogging after a two-month hiatus. I've got a whole new blog!

My first blog (A Web Of One's Own) was fun, but I think it was the literary allusion to Virginia Woolf that gave me writer's block. Who can write when you've got the ghost of Woolf looking over your shoulder?

This blog is named for my first writing pal--a light blue Royale typewriter that my mother handed down to me when I was about 12. In those days, writing was what I did for fun. I wrote stories, a satirical magazine (no kidding--it was called Garbage and Trash), a pretend advice column (I still have them--hilarious), and whatever else I could think of.

When I wasn't writing, I was reading. When I wasn't doing either of those things, I was doing normal kid stuff--riding my bike, hanging out with friends, playing restaurant with my sister (that's another story), exploring the creek that ran behind our garage.

I used to think I became a "real writer" when I got out of college and was paid to write.
Now I realize that a writer is someone who writes because they get the itch, they feel the urge, they speak from the heart. They write because they want to, not because they have to.

The most gratifying writing experiences of my life have been those that never put money in my wallet, but let me speak my mind and my heart: the guest newspaper columns, the grad school essays, the autobiographical writing that just got published, the personal letters and funny poems and songs, the private journal, even the handful of posts on my last blog.

Writing has a way of keeping me honest.
I don't know what happened to that old typewriter, but the writer it nurtured writes on......
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