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Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Simon says...something from me this week!

If you're not reading The, you should be!

It's offers a pithy, funny, cultural critique each week, along with the infamous "Life as a Loser" column, which is fab-o.

You can get an email notice each week when the new issue appears and you'll get hooked, I promise, if you're an armchair pop culture critic like moi. Think of as's snotty and funny younger sibling.

And, guess letter to the editor now appears in's section called this week's letters. Check it out.

My letter responds to last week's witty critique of the latest Star Wars movie, which I agreed with wholeheartedly, and if you actually liked the latest George Lucas movie (I can't even remember the title), you probably won't agree with me. But then again, you're probably a 14-year-old boy! :)

If you have heard me rant about how clueless George Lucas is as a storyteller, then you've heard most of it all before!
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