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Tuesday, June 18, 2002
"F" is really for fathers
What I meant to post yesterday was a note about Father's Day. This year the day was especially meaningful since my dad was visiting us last week and has fully recovered from his heart attack in March. To think that we came *this* close to losing him. Yikes!

What I especially liked about his visit was that it gave us a chance to catch up in an "everyday" mode rather than a holiday mode, or big event mode, or lots of other family around mode. All of these scenarios are wonderful in their own way, but it's nice to just sit down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and talk, which we did on Friday morning after Ed left for work and Molly was sleeping in (yipee! I'll count that as a blessing, since she's usually up and at 'em at 6:30 every morning).

Later that morning, as I was getting ready to take Molly to the pediatrician for a check up, and Dad was heading home to KY, I realized I had left my purse in the back of Ed's car, which was now parked at his workplace 45 minutes away. Dad loaned me some cash (I had only car keys to my name--not even a license on me), God bless 'im. As I was racing around the house trying to find my purse at first, Dad said: "Oh, you're just like your mother."

Yes, Mom and I both lose--I mean misplace--our car keys and purse about every other day. Well, maybe it is genetic. Hmm. I can tell Ed about that next time I'm rushing around saying, "Where's my purse? I've lost my keys!"

For Father's Day, Molly and I bought Ed a new coffee maker (he gives those things a workout, let me tell you) and a heavily insulated silver commuter mug that will sustain him on his drive to work and then some. I also told him to kick back on a chair in the backyard and read the NY Times all afternoon and have coffee and bagels while I chased Molly around. Then my aunt called us from her vacation and had a medical emergency with her dog, Willow. Needless to say, Ed sprung to action and helped get Willow to the vet and taken care of so I could stay home while Molly napped. Willow's doing better, I'm happy to report.

That's just the kind of great guy that Ed is--he's always there for me and our family members. Always.
He's a wonderful father, too.
I love to watch him with Molly and hear all the nicknames he has developed for her ("Squawk Box" is a favorite). He's got a deep well of patience, a great sense of humor, and totally loves her.

Later that day we had a family dinner with Ed's side of the family, including his dad, who has many wonderful traits (patience, diligence, good humor, smart and thoughtful) that he passed down to Ed. So, I got to spend time with my own father, my daughter's father and my father-in-law.

How lucky am I? Very lucky.

Monday, June 17, 2002
F is for frustration!!

I just spent 15 min. writing my new post and then tried to "post" it and got an error message! Grrrr.

I'll have to try again tomorrow!


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