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Wednesday, June 26, 2002
We need our air to be conditioned

Last night, we finally caved in. It was just too hot to not have an air conditioner. Our last house--without a/c--was never as hot as this new house is. Our fans just aren't making enough of a difference.

It's only 2 or 3 months out of year, I used to tell myself, so why even both to get an air conditioner? Well, it's two or three pretty hot months and I'm miserable trying to cook in a hot kitchen. It actually begins to feel cooler outside rather than in.

So, Ed ran out to Lowe's last night and they had one--yes, one--a/c left. It was just 1/2 inch too big for the living room window where we want to put it. The bedrooms don't need a/c since it gets really nice and cool at night with open windows and the fans on low. Besides, I like the night sounds and the natural air.
At Lowe's, Ed used our new cell phone to call home and I measured the window. No go. See--our new phone is so handy!

So, I'm going out with Molly in tow after work to search for an a/c. It will be nice to enjoy our home in the summer once again.

I'm *really* enjoying the outside of our house--our garden that I've working on and is starting to really look nice, and our huge shade tree in the back makes a nice canopy for the cushioned, "nicer-than-we'd-buy-for-ourselves" outdoor furniture from my grandmother's house. We had two really nice nights last weekend enjoying the backyard, sitting with friends and talking and watching it get dark.

I love our yard! In the summer, it becomes a really lovely and useful extension of the house and Ed's parents gave us some outdoor candle lanterns that give us just enough light at night to sit and talk and relax......and then when we get too hot, we need to come in to a nice, cool house.

Monday, June 24, 2002
"Cell"-itary Confinement

Well, we finally did it. Over the weekend, we got a cell phone.

I know, I know, what took us so long?

Well, Ed and I are on a "need to buy" basis on just about anything technology related. We are in need of a new computer, and will buy it when we can, but I doubt we will buy a DVD player, digital camera or any other gadgets like that until we really need them. Why buy a DVD if your VCR isn't broken? Our VCR is only 3 years old and we aren't dying to view all the extras that DVDs provide.

Besides, we have recently spent our money on a new roof (house and garage) and a ceiling fan and other house stuff, so "just for fun" items are low on our list. However, I worry that someone will call Child Protective Services when it is discovered that we don't own a camcorder and haven't captured Molly's "first everything" on tape.

Actually, I think a camcorder r IS a good idea and so does Ed, so we'll try to find a decent one before the year is out. Over the weekend, Molly was happily romping naked in a kiddie pool our neighbor gave us and I said to Ed: "This is why we need a camcorder!"

Anyway, we had been talking about getting a cell phone for awhile. That time our home phone service went down for about 5 days and Molly was a newborn would have been an ideal time to have a cell phone. Going on long car trips in the winter or the dead of night would be a bit less stressful (for me) if we carried a cell phone with us.

But, really, with Ed's new commute to his job, it just made sense. So, he'll use the phone during the week and we'll share it on the weekends, depending on who is running errands or where we're going, etc.

And, we just couldn't say no when AT&T (I know, I know, I usually hate Ma Bell) was offering a free phone and no start-up costs if you signed up for 2 years (you can switch around their plans within those years). We have so much phone time on the weekends and at night that I doubt we'll use it all. And, Sprint will notice a dip in our long distance bill at home for sure, so the long distance deal was a deciding factor.

I just refuse to be one of those people who is guilty of gratuitous use of a cell phone in public and especially in crowded places. Yuck.

Gotta go--my purse is ringing. ;)


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