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Saturday, July 06, 2002
A More Perfect Union

Well, I"m back on my blog after two days of taking care of a sick baby (she had an ear infection and her temperature soared to 104--yikes!), two days of a relaxing weekend, two days of preparing to go on vacation and then the past 5 days of vacation! We leave to go back home tomorrow and while I love visiting family and friends, it's been a busy vacation.

Ed and I arrived at my parents on Tuesday and dropped off Molly so we could go off overnight and celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary at the restored Shaker Village not far from my parents in Louisville. It was peaceful, wonderful and relaxing. We arrived back in town to celebrate the 4th with family and friends and then spent
today and yesterday helping my friend Vonda get married.

Vonda needed a wedding coordinator at the last minute--someone to make sure all the pieces came together smoothly for the rehearsal and the wedding day. I was glad to do it, for she did a similar favor for me when I got married. Everyone needs that good friend at their side to see that every detail--especially last minute ones--happen just right. So, I was hopping all over the place--consulting with the minister, the florist, the bridal party, the family, the babysitters, and making sure it all came together to help that "more perfect union" happen.

Everyone remarked on how good I was at it (well, I am an administrator and natural organizer, after all) and although it was kind of fun, if I did something like that for a living, I would hate it. I think. Just too much potential for drama and disaster to happen at every turn. Although Vonda's wedding was lovely and there was no problems.

Anyway, my dad just sold his business and retired this week, so there was his retirement party and the newspaper stories about the business being sold, etc. A big family event.

So, a relaxing vacation? Sort of! Busy, busy with family and friends at every turn. Celebrations and life events.
All that good stuff. I go back home tomorrow and back to work on Monday feeling renewed, contented, and most of all, with a healthy baby!

Every once in a while life throws you one of those weeks that is action-packed with exciting--albeit exhausting--life events that you wouldn't have any other way. I just hope the rest of July just buzzes along quietly....


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