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Thursday, July 11, 2002
Dr. Procrastinate

One of my goals for this summer was to send off some of my dissertation chapters to be considered for publication in various academic journals. After all, these are the same academic journals I researched and critiqued in my dissertation. Besides, it would be a shame to spend all those years researching and writing the diss and then not at least try to publish some of it.

So, today I got online and printed out the submission guidelines for various journals and then this weekend I'll start winnowing down the sections of my dissertations to send off. No need to revise a bunch of writing just to get feedback from them on, I'll send them pretty much "as is" with little editing except for what "makes sense" in my mind.

It's been a year since I defended, so if I really want to send in "fresh" research, I need to send them in asap. Plus, it takes them sometimes up to 6 months (!!) to respond to your article for submission, so I better get going. I wish I had done this earlier this year!

I'm also working on a book review for, as well as a few other unpaid articles and reviews, but that's ok. At least I'm writing and publishing--and reading--and making it a priority. It's not easy to make the time.

Thank goodness for my lunch hour or this blog would be empty...

...enough with the procrastinating. I want something to show for my so-called "summer projects."

At least our garden and yard looks 200% better than when we moved in...a year ago today! A big goal this spring/summer was to get the yard and garden in shape and we've done a pretty good job. Still, we can do better next year!


Tuesday, July 09, 2002
No, no, no!

Okay--it happened, just as I was told it would--Molly has a new favorite word: No.

She said "No, Dada" and "No, Mama" last week on vacation and the first time it was so darn cute.

Now, she whimpers "no no no no" when you take her off the swing and it's time to go home or you take the ballpoint pen out of her mouth and place it out of her reach.

She shakes her head "no" when you ask her a question ---almost any question--as if to say "I won't even let you decide my choices!"

It's cute to us now, but I know these next couple of years of toddler life will try our patience---just as they will charm us--as Molly grows into her own person and tests her limits and tries to figure out the world.

She wants more and more to be like us--to eat what we are eating, to wear what we wear, to use keys, to literally sit in the driver's seat--and I wasn't expecting that at this age, 19 months. Already she can't wait to grow up.

Watching a baby grow into a child is pretty amazing and when I'm not busy cleaning food off the floor, putting her shoes back on her feet for the 10th time that day, or keeping her from running into the street, I'm enthralled.

Our next new word to teach her: Yes.



Monday, July 08, 2002
Not For Sleeping

Last night we got back from vacation. I must take a moment to thank the travel gods and godesses for getting us through the end of a busy holiday weekend with no traffic delays. Merci, merci!

I said a prayer yesterday for everyone stuck in a 15-mile traffic stoppage (not a jam--they were stopped) going south on I-75 near Dayton, when we were going north and just passed them by, horrified at the extended dead-stop of cars, cars, cars. People had gotten out of their cars and were smoking, visiting, etc. Worst of all, it started at a construction site that was walled off with no exits for people to decide to get off I-75. They were literally just stuck for a long time at a dead stop---Ed clocked it at around 15 miles long. We were astounded and felt so lucky we were on the other side of the highway. I said a prayer for everyone traveling with small children or babies, because if they are like us, when their car isn't moving, the a/c doesn't flow. It was hot as hell yesterday, too.

When we stopped at a rest area, continuing to watch the traffice slow and start to stop on the other side, there was a long line for the restrooms and not enough toilet paper, so I did the good neighborly thing and distributed my box of kleenex up and down the line. I just felt like I had to do something nice for strangers, since I felt so bad for all those other strangers stuck for at least (at least!) an hour in traffic. Yikes.

It was good to get home, put Molly to bed and unpack while Ed went out for a few groceries. My wonderful neighbor Linda had watered my garden while we were gone, so the flowers were gorgeous.

I had trouble sleeping last night because I felt so blessed about the fantastic family and friends we just visited and then those we had just came home to--how lucky are we? To have such a strong circle of support both near and far.
I was even looking forward to coming back to work after such a great vacation. It's good to have trouble sleeping because you feel happy, not anxious....


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