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Thursday, July 18, 2002
Blog Envy

There are so many fabulous blogs out there with lots of links, photos, etc. Mine is about as basic as they come because I'm pretty ignorant of html code and I'm using a Blogger template. Again, it's about as easy and simple as you can get.

Check out my friend Greg's way cool blog.

Anyone have suggestions on how I can get up to speed? I find Blogger's help menu kinda good, except they offer lines of code but don't tell me where to position my email address, for example, if I wanted to add it to my template. Any suggestions?

My new blog email is! Email me.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002
Book Karma

I've got a bunch of books at home that I've never read and really need a good home.

One idea I had to get rid of them was to use the method. is this really great site where book owners join the club and then register their unwanted books, download a bookmark or sticker, then leave the book w/bookmark in a public place.

The stranger who finds and keeps the book is asked to go online and record at where they found the book, if they read it and what they thought of it, and where they left it for the next person. The idea is to set free used books into the universe and then track where they "cross" between people and places. Books could circulate forever in this sytem.

I did join as a member, but I haven't registered or set free any books yet. I'd love to do it, but I've got about 100 things on my "to do" list and I have to be realistic with myself and my time limitations.

However, I did find time to go to yesterday and buy a used copy of a cookbook I wanted (Moosewood's New Classics), but then got the idea to sell on some of my own used copies of other books. It's really easy--I quickly registered a book I have at home that I don't want and it was sold the same day. I was really surprised how fast it happened.

Amazon deposits the money (you set your own prices, but they have to be lower than the price for that particular book) directly into my bank account (they include shipping costs) and emails me the name and address of who bought my book and I have to mail it off within 2 days. No problem for me. The post office is 2 minutes from my office.

So, since that first book sold so fast, I'm going to sell more that way. Of course I'd rack up the book karma points if I used to set free my unwanted books, but hey, I've got to make this worth my time for now.

Besides, I've stopped buying books and I mostly use the library. The library is the most economical and efficient way to recycle books, after all! Even new books can be put on request over email until they are available--it's great. I love the library. Thank you, Ben Franklin.

So, maybe my book karma is pretty good actually. Now, I just have to focus on reading them more often, rather than just acquiring them. I've got a copy of "Take This Job and Love It" on my nightstand. I'll report back on that one later...

Monday, July 15, 2002
Dogs, dogs, dogs.

It seems Molly's obsession with dogs continues.....

Her first word--at 10 months--was "doggie." Not mama, not dada or even "hi" (that was her third word), but "doggie." From about that age on, dogs are her favorite thing in the world (followed a close second by bananas, or 'nanas' as she calls them).

We don't even own a dog, but it seems most everyone else we know--family and friends--owns one, so Molly's been around them all her life and just can't get enough of them.

Our neighbor Linda got a puppy last month named Annie and Molly and Annie are now best friends. Molly tries to hug her, kiss her, put all of her body parts up to be licked, to tickle her, prod her, etc. It's kind of amusing, but I have to tell her to back off, because as hyper as the puppy is and loves the attention from Molly, it can be a little overwhelming to have a toddler all over you. It's a good chance for us to teach Molly the word "gentle."

Molly even has a stuffed dog--Pupkins--that is her "lovely" and she takes to bed at home and at daycare.

Maybe this dog thing will wear off eventually. I don't mind her obsession with bananas (she asks for them at meal times and at weird times--just before she goes to bed or we are about to walk out the door), but this things with dog is much more complicated.

I can picture us getting Molly a dog a gift when she rents her first apartment!


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