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Friday, July 26, 2002
Baby on the Loose

We've started a new ritual at home. After dinner, while Ed is running Molly's bath water, I undress Molly and she pulls off her diaper and then starts to scurry around the house naked with me "chasing" her yelling, "Baby on the loose! Naked baby on the loose!"

She runs and runs (well, as fast as a 19-month-old toddler can run) and squeals with delight as I am right behind her, "nipping" at her bare bottom and chasing her all around our house. She loves it so much and so do we.

When the bath is ready, I "chase" her into the bathroom and right into the tub.

The most fun we all have together is interacting in the most playful ways that just happen spontaneously and do not involve toys or taking her somewhere special. It's a good lesson to remember.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Art Break

Ok, here it is: another thing on my summer "to do" list: visit the wonderful art museum that is located about 3 minutes from my office.

They have an exhibit right now on Picasso and an interesting photo exhibit on New York City (not the same exhibit on September 11 I saw in Chicago).

Usually, when things are right in your own back yard like that, you tend to forget about them because "they're always there" and there is no time pressure to do something or visit somewhere. This time, I will go during a lunch hour, i swear. I have until Sept 22.

Summer will surely feel over by then and I'll have the museum to add to my list of "summer fun" things.

Boy, it's kinda sad when you have to carefully schedule in fun stuff on your "to do" list, but I'm just too task-oriented for my own good sometimes.

And, best of all, the museum exhibits are free...

Monday, July 22, 2002
Mama Trauma

Yesterday we had one of those scary, "could have been worse" incidents with Molly that was more traumatic for me and Ed than it was for Molly.

She tripped and fell into a nest of yellow jackets and was stung 7 times, but is totally fine now. Still, it was scary. I was stung twice and Ed was stung once when we were helping Molly. Yikes! It was kind of scary.

Here's what happened....
we spent Sunday afternoon at the friend of a friend's, attending a baby shower with lots of other people we knew.
The house had a big backyard with lots of fun kid toys and lots of shade and ground cover plants, so the yellow jackets could have their little nest and nobody knew.

I happened to be in the backyard with Molly alone, watching her play with a ball and she was about 15 feet from me when she was skipping along and fell down. For a moment, I let her get up on her own, which she always does, but then she cried in a way that I knew meant she had hurt herself.

I went over to her and saw bees swarming all over her and of course grabbed her and ran into the house, yelling for ice (it was all I could think of--"ice"!). In the kitchen, i was standing with a screaming baby, trying to quickly explain what happened when I felt stings on my leg. Some bees had flown up under my dress and nailed me on the thigh and calf. Ed was on the scene suddenly and whisked Molly away upstairs and a friend quickly ushered me into the bathroom so I could take off my dress and make sure there were no bees.

By the time I got upstairs, someone had sterilized some tweezers and we were holding a screaming Molly down so we could take out one of the stingers left on her arm. One of the party guests was right there, soothing and offering advice and I finally asked, "Are you a doctor?" And he was. So, it was a relief to have him there, assuring us that she wasn't having an allergic reaction and would be ok.

Ed also got stung on the foot as we were dealing with Molly. We quickly ran a bath and put her into some cool water and applied baking soda and noticed all the places she had been stung, which were a little swollen. She was finally starting to calm down (and me, too!) and another friend brought out the children's Tylenol and got a fresh towel and by the time we had her on the bed, freshly washed, she stopped crying.

I put a fresh diaper and clean clothes on her and we were all feeling much, much better. When we returned to the party, people were extra nice to her, bringing her chocolate cake and fussing over her and then she was ready to play again (but not outside we told her) and then everyone was remarking about how she had bounced back and was her old happy self within 30 minutes of the incident, albeit with her bee stings obvious on her body.

I didn't even bother treating my own stings, as I was paying attention to Molly, and one of the stings near my knee is now swollen and there's a knot there and it is itches like crazy.

We are so lucky that it wasn't worse for Molly--either that she was allergic and we didn't know it, or she could have gotten many more stings.

After she fell, some guests noticed the swarm of yellow jackets were in that section of the yard and the owners of the house felt terrible about what happened. They have a 15-month-old son, so they were esp. glad to know about the yellow jackets, although how they found out was unhappy, of course.

It was good that friends were present--and Ed was there--helping me think of what to do (Tylenol, get the stinger out, etc) because I was slightly panicked and really needed that support in those first 10-15 minutes.

To see your toddler fall into a nest of bees is pretty traumatic, and I felt worse last night after we got home, but also grateful that she was safe and is fine!

It also reminded me that as a parent, you will do anything to keep your child out of harm's way, without even thinking first. Of course I'm going to plunge my hands into a nest of bees to get my daughter to safety. I didn't even think about it, I just did it.

You do what you have to do...


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