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Friday, September 20, 2002
I've Felt Better

I've been feeling yucky this week and I'm heading out of town this weekend, and have been feeling too busy to blog much, but all signs point to back to regular blogging next week for the few of you who read! (Thank you)!

See you next week...

Thursday, September 19, 2002
Give Me Fall

This weather makes me want to cry. We are at 80 degrees today--hot and muggy. Yucky, yuck, yuck. September--like May--is a wishy washy month. Not quite one season, not quite the other.

I fear the Greenhouse Effect will make every year's seasonal changes more screwed up and each season more extreme until we live in a totally inhospitable planet due to our own selfishness as a species. Yes, I'm in that kind of mood today.

I want nice, cool fall weather that smells earthy and feels like the overture before the real change in October, November, December, etc. I want to wear sweaters and my new All-Weather Clogs from Lands' End!

I want, I want, I want! What was I just saying about our selfish species?

Tuesday, September 17, 2002
Terrible Twos

This weekend seemed a bit of a turning point for Molly. She wanted to wear her Winnie the Pooh bathing suit over her clothes on Sunday. Fine. But when it came time to go to the grocery store, she needed to be wearing something a bit warmer and she refused. We insisted. I pulled the suit off and she cried and cried and cried.

One friend of mine describes her two-year-old as a "rage-aholic" who flies into a rage at the moment he doesn't get what he wants. Molly just gets oh-so-sad and just cries and cries.

After 10 minutes of crying, she ended up face down on the carpet, still crying. I picked her up and soothed her and got her distracted with something else and she forgot about the bathing suit.

Mostly, she is very easily distracted when you want her to focus on something else other than what she can't have.
Lately, though, she is more insistent about her wants, which is totally normal for a 22-month-old.

So we are learning how to handle things and what to let go. We have found the need to start doing "time outs" in her crib when she won't listen to "no." We'll see how that goes.

Still, overall, she is a remarkable amiable kid and has been since birth, but I now the next years will be trying on all of us and she starts to ask---demand--what she wants.

For example, she totally loves her Winnie The Pooh sandals and prefers to wear them (maybe this is a Winnie the Pooh thing going on?) over any other shoes. As fall arrives, she'll need to wear warmer shoes and I know she'll hate it.

Oh, well. What female doesn't have a "thing" about shoes...?


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