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Thursday, September 26, 2002
Surprise, Surprise

What a surprise--things are not busy at work for me. Most people who I work with seem very busy. I haven't been feeling so great lately, so it's been good to not feel added stress about work.

Because of certain deadlines in October, I know I'll be busier next month, but right now, I'm coasting. I actually thought that I might be asking my boss for more work. Weird.

I think having my student assistant helps tremendously, but the "hard" work has leveled off for me. I'm actually getting geared up to work on a back burner project: a procedures manual for the next person who has this job, whoever and whenever that might be.

Hey, this could all change in the next day or so when projects start to flow back my way, but meanwhile, it's kind of nice. I have to resistant the temptation to surf the Web, though.

I am taking time to notice the leaves starting to change colors on the tree outside my office. Nice.

Monday, September 23, 2002
Happy Travels

This weekend I took a solo trip to New Haven, CT to see a preview of the Yale Drama School-sponsored production of "Medea/Macbeth/Cinderella," directed by my friend, the brilliant Bill Rauch and starring some other wonderful professional actor friends of mine.

Bill created this play by choosing three disparate plays and then performing them at the same time (excerpted versions of each play) on one stage, so you suddenly see the fascinating parallels and connections between these three play--a Greek tragedy, an Elizabethan play and a modern musical comedy. Fascinating. I loved it--so entertaining and enlightening at the same time and knowing some of the folks who created it just made me appreciate it even more. Creative. Clever. Moving. It was an amazing piece of theater.

I met up with my friend Sonja to see the play and met her fiance Andy for the first time. We had a great chance to catch up, eat great food, see the play and then I flew back home yesterday. A perfect trip, although I was still feeling under the weather.

When I got home on Sunday afternoon, I was exhausted and Molly was, too, so we both slept for almost 2 hours.
Heaven! Ed got to watch football in peace and fold laundry.


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