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Friday, October 04, 2002
Should I Laugh or Cry?

Last night Molly woke up after 11pm and would not go back to sleep. Nothing worked, not even letting her sleep in our bed. Around 2am, I finally rocked her to sleep like an infant and she slept only until 5:15am and then would only doze until a decent hour.

Yikes! Poor Ed. At least I had gone to bed early, around 9:30pm, so I had a few extra hours there.

I thought maybe Molly's stuffy nose was keeping her up, but the nose drops didn't help. Sometimes she just has "one of those nights" out of the blue and then she's fine.

This morning after Ed left, I was trying to finish getting Molly ready for daycare and her fatigue was making her cranky. I undressed her for a few minutes, went to put my make up on, and when I went to get her she had a purple marker and had drawn all over her stomach, some on her back and on her feet. On top of that, she left a "calling card" on the carpet.

I couldn't believe it. Now it seems funny, but a the time it was like something from an Erma Bombeck book. I washed her off as best I could, cleaned up the mess, and then dressed her and we got out the door even though she was still fussing about everything under the sun. Totally unlike her.

When we got to daycare, she was acting really sad and demanding--again, unlike her. I got to work a little late and when I called in an hour later, they said she had calmed down but was not quite herself.

On top of all this, there is a bad bug going around the daycare so I'm thinking she is either about to get it or fighting it off. I'm leaving at lunch today to pick her up and take her home where she will sleep better and I can get a nap in, too!

I'm soooo thankful it's Friday! Geez. If this was a Monday, I'd feel even worse about no sleep for any of us, an uptight toddler, etc.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Comfortable Routine

I feel like we've finally gotten into a comfortable routine after--what?---over a year in our new house with our new lives (new jobs, new kid, new everything).

Our morning, our evenings, our weekends, seem to be the right balance of gettin' stuff done and having fun. My perpetual quest. I do wish I had a bigger house, but that means more cleaning, more maintaining of stuff, so all is well for now.

Ed got good news at his job; he wrote up some creative advertising slogans about their insurance products
(I know--what could inspire less creativity? But, he did it! I'm so proud of him.) and has gotten new attention by the top dogs about his potential. He also got good news about his dissertation, which is not quite done and has been stalled for awhile. So, good news all around for him. He deserves it.

Molly is really moving into being a two-year-old with all the charming (and not so charming) traits associated with that age. So far, no major meltdowns as she is easily distractable, but I'm not sure how long that will last. She is totally charmed by footie pajamas which we call "footies." I guess last winter she was too young to really notice what she was wearing, but now you can lure her out of the bathtub by promising to put her in her "footies."

She also picked up--to our amazement--the habit of saying " 'scuse me" after she burps at the table. I guess monkey-see monkey-do really applies here. Therefore, I really need to stop swearing in front of her. Soon.


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