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Thursday, October 10, 2002
A New Era

It's a new era because I'm so busy at work I haven't had as much time to blog, but I will keep at it, nonetheless.

It's also a new era because Molly now has begun to have opinions about all sorts of things she hasn't cared about in the what she wears. Now, she sometimes rejects the outfits I pick out for her in the morning. So, this morning I gave her a choice---the blue and purple checked pants with the purple top or the blue top with the blue and green pants? She choose the latter, after rejecting it on Monday. Ok, so now I get it---I just have to give her two choices and let her decide. Oh, boy. This is just the start of some fierce battles for the next 16 years I predict. My mom says I was the same way when I was growing up. Justice is served, I guess.

Molly is also starting to have passionate feelings about using her pacifier even when she's not sleeping and watching tv whenever she wants. Yikes. Ed and I really have to put our feet down and be consistent. This is the part of parenthood that's not fun, but necessary.

A new era, indeed. I've got my nose back in the parenthood books for awhile.


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