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Friday, October 18, 2002
I'm still here!

I know I've been terribly lax about updating the blog and that will change starting next week. Things should ease up at work a bit, affording me more time for a proper lunch hour.

Meanwhile, I'm been watching more of "The Wiggles" on TV than "ER." I've been so tired lately, I can't stay up to watch "ER" and I forgot to tape it last night! "The Wiggles" are 4 Australian guys who have their own TV show for preschoolers and they are so goofy but somehow fun to watch. So much better than a lot of TV for kids, which is just crap. We limit Molly to watching the Disney Channel and PBS, and most other stuff for kids is unwatchable, if you ask me. Even some stuff on PBS tries my patience in terms of being so inane, but I guess it's for Molly's edification, not for my entertainment. Still, we have to really limit her viewing. I can usually distract her with library books, though and if I start playing with her toys, she wants to join in.

I've also been reading "The Big Rumpus" by Ayun Halliday for a book review I have to submit by November 1 for the Association for Research on Mothering. It's a really honest and funny book about Ayun's granola and Birkenstock upbringing of two small kids in her tiny East Village Apartment with her male partner, who remains somewhat of a shadowy presence in the book.

So many of her observations are universal mothering stuff--the endless shlepping of kids stuff when you leave the house that makes you feel like a pack mule or soldier of war, the challenge of finding other mother friends who share your parenting style and lifestyle, the relief you feel when the "back up" troops arrive in the form of your partner arriving home after you've had the kids all day.

It's fun to get to review a book that I would happily read on my own anyway. And the book review forces me to sit down and write, which I need to do more.

Just like this blog..


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