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Friday, December 06, 2002
Getting Back To It

Suddenly, I feel inspired to start blogging again. Well, truth be told, I've gotten terribly lax in keeping a personal journal on paper and while this blog doesn't resemble my journal keeping of the past, it is *something* that serves a similar purpose.

On top of that, I feel like my life is somewhat "back to normal" after a difficult autumn. I found out in early September that I am pregnant and a week after that, the "morning" (ha ha, what a joke! more like "round the clock") sickness kicks in and I'm lurching through life for the next two months , just trying to get through each day as the nausea, fatigue and constant hunger rules my life.

Now, I'm happily in my second trimester and feeling like "my old self," albeit larger in size and wearing maternity clothes (a whole new wardrobe of clothes that *always* fit! Life is good!). Also, can you believe the luck of being pregnant during the holidays and eating all this yummy food for two? Of course, I must *not* take that literally, as I was wont to do when I was preggers last time.

My anxiety about gaining all this pregnancy weight (and I'm gaining ahead of schedule, just like I did with Molly) is tempered by the fact that I did manage to lose it all with help from Weight Watchers, God bless 'em.

Although the nausea is gone (an anti-nausea drug called Zofran was my best friend in October), and the hunger pangs are under control most of the time, I still do feel the fatigue sometimes. If I started exercising, though, that would help, I know.

Last night, I managed to stay up for the first half of "ER," which is somewhat of a miracle considering I have missed every episode this season due to fatigue, except for the first episode (only because I taped it, but now our VCR is refusing to record anything--that's ok. I just really need the VCR to play those blasted Winnie The Pooh tapes that Molly is addicted to. She either doesn't notice, doesn't care, or likes the fact that they are the same 2 tapes over and over).

So, now I feel like I'm starting to get back in the swing of things--I've published a book review (forthcoming in January), started a *small* second job as a "Mystery Shopper," which is so much fun I can't stand it, and feeling energized for the holidays.

Two years ago, we didn't decorate or put up our Christmas tree b/c we had a three-week old baby preoccupied with a colicky newborn. Last year, we were just too tired after an exhausting year of moving, new jobs, new house, etc. to bother. But, this weekend we pull out the trinkets, the lights, the ornaments and all that good stuff and get into the spirit. Now that Molly is 2, she will love it, too. That makes all the difference.

Oh, and I found out I'm having a boy. I'm still trying to "process" that--having another baby and a boy! 2003 is going to be an adventure. Just when our life had started to settle down--as parents, in our jobs, financially, with a new house and a new routine, I get preggers. Stay tuned...


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