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Tuesday, December 10, 2002
We Decked the Halls

I'm so glad we spent Sunday afternoon putting up our tree, pulling out our decorations and getting in the jolly-ness of the holiday season. It really does foster holiday feelings and all that good stuff to see the tree aglow in our front window and Molly is absolutely enchanted by the tree. She walks around the tree, pointing to the ornaments with objects that she knows (horsey, kitty, snowman) and says "Night night" before she goes to bed to the santa doll on the entertainment center. We also have stockings hanging off the china cabinet (no fireplace to speak of) and a few assorted other decorations, including a wreath that I made back when I had time to make them.

This year i am determined to make my sister's famous gingerbread cookies in all different shapes and with homemade frosting (the kind that hardens after it dries). They are always a big hit and last year I was so sick for the 10 days leading up to Christmas that I had to forgo making them. Last year I got a horrible, hellish cold that made me miss over a week of work and I almost missed seeing family for Christmas, so this year I am (knock wood) enjoying all these festivities even more.


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