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Monday, December 16, 2002
Everything's Going On

Holiday to do list--I don't know why I let it stress me out. I love to make my gifts (honestly), make my homemade gingerbread, send out 50 plus Christmas cards, etc. but something fun turns into a chore sometimes. So, I must start all this stuff earlier next year! It *is* fun and would be really, really fun if I also didn't have a job. Luckily, this week will be very laid back at my job and my last day until January 2nd is this Friday! Yippee!!

My second trimester of this pregnancy is being very good to me so far. I start week 19 today. Next week it will be halfway through the entire thing, which is very freaky! Time is a tickin' and we need to get Molly out of the crib, decorate her new room, potty train her (so far, she's very interested), and get her ready for a sibling (not necessarily in that order) before May 11. Not to mention get ourselves ready for a baby.

I keep putting off all this baby-readying stuff until "after the holidays," which gives us a good 4 months to pull out all the old infant stuff and dust it off, etc. Of course, the baby could come earlier, but I'm talking him into taking his own sweet time and just staying in there until May 11 at least! I wish...

I hate hearing labor and delivery horror stories, but also I love to hear them. Like a car accident, it's hard to look away. Having been through it once before and getting a C-section, I am eager to try it all again and do things differently (wait longer before I take an epidural, but not *too* long). At the same time, having been through it, I know that L&D rarely go as planned or as we imagine them to be, Sigh.

Well, I've told myself, the holiday season is fun if I stop and think of it that way and stop pressuring myself with too many to do lists. I need to put at the top of my list: Enjoy it.


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