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Thursday, January 02, 2003
Happy New Year

It's going to be a great 2003, I can just tell.

The holidays were really wonderful, especially since it was Molly's first season to be aware that the holidays are "going on" all around her. She identified "Sea Claws" (Santa Claus) right away in pictures and figurines around everywhere, but had no idea what his role in all that hoopla was, so that was nice to see her appreciating him without the whole gift thing. She also learned to spot snowmen everywhere in photos an ornaments, etc. and enjoyed pointing them out.

She loved our tree and was very respectful of all the ornaments and didn't tear them off, as i feared. She had a few that we designated as "hers" (one was a Kermit the Frog on a sled) and she could take those down and play with them, so everyone was happy.

She was a wonderful traveler, as usual, and did great with new surroundings, new food, new people, etc. She's really a champ. The only downside was she was waking up super early and luckily my parents were up early and letting us sleep in. When we got back home, Molly tried the "waking up at 5am" trick and we wouldn't put up with it and she slept until after 7am this morning. Back to usual. Whew.

2nd trimester pregnancy is the best time. I love it--no complaints at all. I'm now sleeping better on my side and all my clothes fit and I won't have to worry about being "too huge" until later this year. Knowing how precious these single-child days are for our whole family, I am appreciating every day.

No resolutions this year, really, except to floss every night again and stay on top of reading "The New Yorker," which comes every week. Other than that, I've got so much else going on in my life, I can't add anything new.

Oh, except this: get all my photos in albums before the baby comes in May! They have been only half-heartedly updated since Molly was born!


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