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Thursday, January 09, 2003
Getting Away

My in-laws gave us a great Christmas gift: a weekend of babysitting and a weekend vacation package to see "The Lion King" in Toronto next month. Now that getting away together alone requires strategic planning with a babysitter (hell, going out to dinner alone is a rare and wonderful thing), we value it much more than we did before becoming parents.

Today I set up the vacation package for the weekend of February 14th, which will make a nice Valentine's getaway weekend and it's our last chance to get away before the baby arrives, so we extended it to two nights (wowee) and might take the train up to Toronto, which will be relaxing, esp. if it's horrible winter driving.

I set up the vacation package with AAA, which made me feel like our annual membership is being put to good use, esp. since we didn't need to call them once last year for anything (knock wood).

Since the U.S. dollar goes a long way in Canada, we can splurge a little while we are there and be reminded of our honeymoon in Canada--so it should be a nice, romantic weekend. I also paid a tiny bit extra for "insurance" just in case something happens (ie, the flu) and we have to reschedule or get a refund. God, I hope not!

Now that it's firmed up, I can't wait--it will be really, really nice and my in-laws are thrilled to have Molly all to themselves and she loves being at their house. In fact, Ed took her visiting for the day to their house last week and at the end of his visit he put on his coat to load up the car with her stuff and she said "'bye, Daddy." thinking (and hoping, I guess) he was leaving her with her grandparents and their two dogs. Her dog obsession continues unabated...

Wednesday, January 08, 2003
The New Year
I get inspired reading other people's blogs--hearing about resolutions for the new year. I actually *did* make resolutions and so far, so good (yes, I know ,it's only been a week!). Last weekend we started de-cluttering our house on a daily basis--weeding out junk mail, putting away toys and stray shoes, etc. at the end of every day.
This has helped my stress level tremendously. I can't stand waking up to a messy house. It's depressing.

Since we are about to add a family member to our house and lose our office so Molly can move out of the nursery, it's even more important that we stay organized. I finally think I convinced Ed on the importanced of being organized by telling him that if things were less cluttered (notice I didn't say "clean"--there is a difference between "clean" and "cluttered"), I'd be happier and less stressed. What husband wouldn't want that??? Yes, of course I'd also like things to be *clean* every day, but I'll settle for once a week cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Anyway, so far our system of staying on top of clutter is working and I'm much happier. I'm even making Molly clean up one toy (which always seems to have 100 loose pieces) before she gets out another, rather than letting it all accumulate on our living room floor until it looks like a Toys R Us disaster area.

And, about that baby nursery...I'm so happy that I didn't do a "girlie" nursery for Molly so that the nursery can be--as is--the baby room for her little brother (due date: 4 months away! yikes!), too. We decorated it in "stars, sun and moon" design in yellows, blues, whites. Originally, I was not thinking "Gee, this nursery can be for the next kid even if it's a boy," but I see now how practical it really was. It may sound 'unfeminist' to say that I wouldn't want my son in a 'girlie' decorated nursery, but I really guess it would depend on how "pink" it really was. Besdies, Molly has both trucks and toy tools in her arsenal of toys, along with dolls and such. I wouldn't want it any other way.

With Molly's new room, i am thinking of decorating it in a floral theme, although she'd probably prefer Winnie the Pooh or Barney. I want a theme that will grow with her and not be "tied down" to a specific character or pattern. I did buy--on sale--some of those small "wall stickies" of Winnie the Pooh, hearts and flowers that I can sprinkle around the closet frame or something in honor of her Pooh fixation.

Anyway, we better get started soon on moving furniture (well, not me doing the moving, of course) and getting Molly into her new toddler bed and into her new room.......

...and I've been flossing my teeth every night!! Another resolution--so far, so good! One week down and 51 to go!


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