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Thursday, February 13, 2003
Be careful what you wish for

Well, I was very surprised to find out this week that I am one of three finalists for a job I applied for a few weeks ago.

Surprised because I feel ambivalent about the job (do I want it? could I handle it?) and surprised because I know they got a lot of applicants and flattered that they have included me in the final pool.

In one of those "truth is stranger than fiction" moments, the day after I find out I am a finalist I have a lunch scheduled with a good friend. After we order our pizza and salad, I tell him I am a finalist for this job (a place where we both used to work as grad
students) and he tells me that he's one of the other finalists, too! Very weird, but not so weird since I know he would be great at this job.

Because we are good friends, the lunch is not awkward at all. Instead, we tell each other why we'd each be good at the job and talk about what the job would "feel like" for each of us, what would be the pros and cons. It's so very helpful to talk to him. And we laugh at how weird it is to be finalists for the same job and be so open and honest with each other about it. The fact that we had lunch scheduled for that day is weird, too--the day after we both hear that we're interviewing for this job but didn't know it at the time we set up our lunch.

Since I've talked to some close family and friends about the implications of this job (knowing full well that I might not even get offered the position), I feel more excited about the interview and less ambivalent about it. Also, they know full well that I am 6 months pregnant and they still consider me a finalist. The job wouldn't even start for 3 months after the baby would be born, so that makes it seem in the realm of possibility, but still very tricky. We'd have to move...Ed would have to put his job search plans on hold...

but I really need to stop projecting into "what if" and just focus on the interview next week and getting prepared for a day-long series of interviews. I'm not too nervous since I have worked with several people on the hiring committee in the past, but I want to be polished,and prepared. No matter what the outcome, it's great that I am a finalist for this job. A real ego boost considering my current job and boss totally underestimate my abilities.

Monday, February 10, 2003
A good movie, finally

We rented "The Good Girl" on Saturday night. What a great flick. Then I realized it was by the same guys who wrote and directed "Chuck and Buck," which is one of the most provocative and best movies I saw last year on video.

I have to say I love movies that set up 'predictable' plots and then take you on a totally different journey than you're expecting. So much like life. I want movies that are like life--intriguinging, surprising, thought-provoking, complex.

I had a revelation when I realized that Ed likes my taste in art-house movies okay, but he prefers the more 'traditional' male genres (action flicks, war movies, Lord of the Rings type of thing). He goes for escapism.

We end up compromising and watching each other's movies and sometimes teasing the other person for months afterwards if their pick was particularly difficult for the other person. I couldn't sit through "The Patroit" or "Pearl Harbor" and Ed still can't find any redeeming qualities about any Peter Greenaway films.

There are those films that both of us loved--like "Bowling for Columbine" and "Primary Colors" and "Citizen Ruth," so we're not complete opposites. Oh, and yeah, we both liked "Y Tu Mama Tambien." Talk about a complex, interesting film about masculinity and Mexican politics and teenage sex.

Why can't Hollywood figure out stuff like that?


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