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Friday, February 21, 2003
Down Time, Please

The interviews yesterday went really, really well--almost enjoyable, I dare say. I felt very welcomed by those faculty and staff I had worked with before. Yet at the same time, I felt like I was considered a potential colleague, not just a graduate student. That was refreshing. Granted, it has been almost 2 years since I finished grad school, but it was nice to really feel that I was treated as a professional, not a 'professional-in-training.'

I had over-prepared, which was fine. It was much better than feeling I was not prepared to answer their questions.

I was wearing a nice suit that fit well (thanks to some iron-on hemming tape applied the night before) and made me feel "put together" and not "hugely pregnant." I also spoke to my potential future-boss and felt reassured about some of my concerns relating to the long hours the job might require. I just can't agree to take on a demanding job (45 hours a week or more every week) with a new baby, a toddler and a husband who has his own career plans. Instead, I was reassured that the hours were flexible and could be worked around family responsibilities.

Now, more than ever, I am excited about the possibilities of this job. It would be a reall professional challenge for me but also incredibly enjoyable and I'd be working with some fantastic people. Yet, I also know that the other 2 candidates might be a better fit, so I'm not dreaming of our new (bigger) house yet! I won['t find out the results for another 3 weeks or so due to the selection committee's travel schedules. Oh, well. Hard to wait!

Meanwhile, my parents were also in town this week and took some furniture off our hands so we can start preparing Molly's new room. Now, I really crave some down time this weekend. After traveling last weekend, my parents visiting and then prepping and doing the all-day job interview (I got home at 10pm last night exhausted, but not too tired to watch "ER" of course), I am feeling kinda wiped out.

We have no plans, other than the usual weekend-related errands and sleep. Sounds like heaven to me....

Monday, February 17, 2003
Our Weekend Adventure

Our romantic weekend adventure in Toronto was relaxing, indulgent, fun and really, really cold! I ended up buying hat and gloves (which I had foolishly left at home--duh!) that helped make it bearable....

Valentine's Day started quite smoothly--we dropped Molly off at Ed's parents in the morning and she barely looked up from her Fisher Price toys as we said good-bye. We got through customs and to the train station on time and even stopped and picked up

But then things got hairy--a derailment forced a delay in our departure and they were kind of vague about when we would actually leave. We debated just cashing in our train tickets and driving, but then decided to wait it out. Three hours later our train leaves
and then takes a detour and we arrive in Toronto at 11pm, rather than 4pm as originally scheduled. Yes, it was frustrating to miss our reservations for a romantic dinner in Toronto on V-Day, but Ed had brought the box of chocolates that I had given him and so we enjoyed each other's company and the chocolates on the long train ride where I stretched out and slept when I wasn't reading a copy of "Your Second Child." So, it wasn't fun to get in so late but it wasn't hell, either. We were relaxed and enjoying our time together without a toddler to keep track of.

The rest of the weekend went smoothly--our hotel was even swankier than I realized, "The Lion King" was--the word that kept coming to mind--"vibrant." We slept in, we ate well, we shopped, we went to a museum and got back in touch with the leisurely pace of a vacation weekend with just the two of us. We had a chance to talk a lot about world events and the protests around the globe, which are so heartening to us. We are both not pleased with Bush's stance on things.

But the weekend was sweet because with baby #2 so imminent, we know that romantic getaways won't be on the agenda for awhile.

The icing on the cake was the Molly had a fabulous time with Ed's parents who insisted that the pleasure is all theirs in taking her for the entire weekend. It was "win win" for everyone and we got home and are getting back to the zany pace of everyday life and all its "to do" lists with a feeling of contentment for having taken those few days to ourselves.

Now, onto preparing for my job interview on Thursday! My parents are also due in town this week! Busy, busy!


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