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Thursday, March 13, 2003
Making Plans--ha!

Twice this week I found out that 2 other moms at the daycare gave birth to their second kids in unusual ways.

One of the moms, who has 2 boys, ran into me at a work function and told me her second son arrived 3.5 weeks early and was over 8 lbs! Whoa! While I don't think we are in for a big ol' baby boy (Ed and I are not huge people--well, I am right now but not usually), I guess it could happen.

Beth (the mom) told me that since the baby was early, she hadn't finished up all of her tasks at work and so she spent the first couple of weeks on the phone, telling coworkers where to find stuff. Ack. Don't want that to happen to me.

Then, this morning, I find out that another daycare mom who has been preggo along with me this winter gave birth earlier this month in an ambulance! It was two weeks before her due date and she suddenly went into labor at a bowling alley and on the way to the hospital in the ambulance, the baby arrived! Yikes! I would definitely not want that!! ("Honey, you were born on the corner of Main and 7th Street!")

Maybe this is God's way of reminding me that I shouldn't assume that I have 2 months left to this pregnancy and I need to plan accordingly! What's that expression--"People plan and God laughs." Mostly, I have been feeling complacent because Molly arrived a week late, but I really need to get on the stick.

So, this weekend, I promise myself that Ed and I will sit down and make our list and make sure that we prioritize all of our "baby prep" work so that the most important stuff gets done in the next month. I start unpacking the nursery this weekend!

I found this cool interactive birth planner online, so that's a good start. I'll share it with my doula.

Friday is our infant CPR class and next week is our hospital tour! Great! Then we'll at least know which door to go in when we arrive at the hospital .....assuming it's not by ambulance!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

After I put up that last post, I realized how ungrateful i would sound if I did get offered the job.

Make no mistake, I'd love to have this job. It would be hard, but everything would work out. It would be fantastic.

So, in case the gods were reading that last post, I'm still interested, as ambivalent as I may have sounded....

Still Waiting

I'm still waiting to hear about that job that I interviewed for a few weeks ago. Expect to hear this week or next.
Some days I think how great it would be if I got the job and other days I live in fear of them offering me the job.

If they offered and, depending on the offer, if I accepted the job, then we'd have to sell our house, find and move to a new house in that city, I'd have to tie up my old job and prepare for a new job that also involves teaching a course that I've not taught before (not hard, but time-consuming to prepare).

Oh, and did I forget? we'd have like 4 months to do all of this while also caring for a newborn and our toddler. Not to mention all the other typical things in life you need--like grocery shopping, cooking and eating meals, taking care of the yard, etc.

Gee, I guess all this is humanly possible, but I can't imagine the stress level I'd be living under during that time, not to mention the sleep deprivation which would make everything 100% more difficult.

Two years ago, in the space of 3 months, I finished and defended my dissertation, stoppped one job and prepared to start a new one, we bought a new house and moved to a new city and we did all of this with a baby who was 3months old. It was possible, but it was stressful. I think it took me 6 months just to recover and gain my equilibrium after all that. By the end of that summer, I was so worn out and tired from everything, I could barely think straight.

So, just having a new baby this summer is enough "newness' to adjust to for all 3 of us. Exciting, but still stressful in the adjustment period. So, do I still want this job? I don't know. Yes! No! Maybe so!

I keep thinking my friend Dave is going to get offered the job....we'll see....

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Good & Bad

I really don't want to bring a child into this world when our country is at war--a useless, stupid war that is tearing apart important alliances that have taken decades to build. I can't wait for Bush to get voted out in the next election, which is inevitable, considering the state of our economy and our environment that he has helped destroy.

But I'm trying to keep some shred of hope that life will be better in 2003 than it was in 2002 for not just the U.S., but all world citizens.

I guess it feels trivial to feel good about things like Elvis Costello getting inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, but it does feel good. I've loved and admired Elvis' music since I was in college. Many a long road trip was made much more pleasant thanks to Elvis.

I also feel good about Molly adapting soooo smoothly into her new bed and her new room. We had her help us move her into the room and she even got to help pick where things would go --"should the bookcase go here or there?" and she loved getting to help decide. Still, I was surprised at how she is sleeping and playing in her new room without a peep about missing her crib. I am relieved. She even used the potty on Sunday night! Progress!

I have now taken over the closet in the new baby's room (a newborn doesn't need any hanging space, anyway!) and the rest of my dressing area is in the master bedroom, which is nice to share with Ed. We actually can chat a bit as we get ready in the morning, even if the conversation is mostly about making sure that this or that bill gets paid today or what to make for dinner and who's going to make it.

As far as getting the rest of the house 'ready' for the new baby--slowly, slowly I'm making progress. The nursery is now filled with boxes and bags that need to get unpacked and the room organized. Other assorted decisions still need to be made (where will the swing go? the bassinet?), as well. A small house makes these choices limited.

So, while I have one eye on current events and feeling despair about the state of our world, I have another eye looking toward home and all the changes and excitement ahead for us this spring.


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