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Friday, March 21, 2003
Just Stuff

During these crazy days of war and busy days at work and even busier days at home, I'm learning to just breathe and relax and go with the flow. In addition to preparing for the baby, we are now car shopping and camera shopping and Ed is applying for full-time teaching jobs. Oh, yeah--I did I mention we have more prep to do for the baby? There are literally not enough hours in the day to get all this stuff done!! I'm having to cut loose some unnecessary stuff.

I'm thinking of taking a day off next week just to get caught up at home a bit, since this weekend is pretty full already! Oh, and yes, I have a toddler who deserves my time and attention. We've had some special moments this week--a special, rare treat of a trip to McDonald's that she loved (esp. getting to use straws! fun!) and so I'm working on getting more of those types of one-on-one moments into my schedule with Molly. Oh, yes, and then there's my husband. Might be nice to spend some time with him, too!

So, I'm taking it all one day at a day and feeling so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life since the "things" in my life threaten to take over--the things that demand washing and putting away and purchasing and getting damaged by water in our leaky garage.

Thank goodness for deep breathing and everyone in my life. The rest is just 'stuff' and doesn't really matter. I need to remember that. It helps.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I cautiously hope that Spring has arrived. Winter will probably rear up a few days between now and May just to remind us of this long, horrid, cold, snowy winter, but I had forgotten just why spring is my favorite season and I'm being reminded again.

On top of just the happiness that comes with lighter and brighter days, these last two months of pregnacy will be MUCH more pleasant to experience when I can enjoy the nicer weather and some lighter clothes. I hadn't really expected that or anticipated that, but I am feeling it now that it's here.

Plus, there's the whole spring/Easter/cycle of life/rebirth thing going on around us that ties in quiet nicely to be "expectant" state of body and mind, so it's going to be quite a nice season.

I hope I haven't jinxed myself and it will plunge back to 20 degrees tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
On the Babyfront

Friday night we had our Infant/Child CPR class. I'm so glad we did it and I wished we had done it earlier--before we had Molly. Plus, my insurance will reimburse us for the cost, thank you very much.

I feel like if I had to do rescue breathing, CPR or help a choking child, I'm much more confident about it now.

Thursday is our tour of the hospital birthing center. It's 90 minutes and all I can say is that I hope they have chairs and benches along the way because at 32 weeks, I can walk about 10-15 minutes max and then I need to rest before I can get up again, although grocery shopping last weekend for 40 minutes didn't phase me. Hmm. Maybe I get so distracted by the food that I don't notice my feet aching....

Actually, I need to start wearing my maternity brace thing again. That will help. A walk around the block yesterday with Molly in the jogging stroller (her new fixation--just give it a day and it will be something else) just about did me in! Yikes!

The good news is that at my OB appt. yesterday I found out I lost 2 lbs! yippee! I've already gained the total amount required for the whole pregnancy, so I'm not trying to lose weight, but I wouldn't mind stabilizing a bit around my current weight without compromising the baby's needs. If I can succeed at that, I will be actually 10-15 lbs. lighter at delivery than I was with Molly and I'll be one very happy new mother.

It's not that I'm so preoccupied with my weight (when you're pregnant, you're supposed to focus on what you eat and how you feel and not the numbers on the scale), but I gained 20 extra lbs. last pregnancy and it sat around with me for 9 more months until I finally joined Weight Watchers and lost it all!! Happy day last July when I fit into my smallest shorts! Oh, and then I go and get pregnant the next month! Oh, well. It's all for a very good cause.

On another note, hurray for Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks (one of my faves) for speaking honestly about Bush and how disappointing that she was pressured into taking it all back. Go, Natalie!

Monday, March 17, 2003
On the Homefront

This weekend didn't quite go as planned, but we managed to avert a major household disaster--or should I say "garagehold disaster" and so that's good.

The somewhat incompetent people who used to own our house installed a big room on the back of the garage. Since there is no basement in our house, this room is our storage area. Last year we noticed that the storage area was not attached right to the roof of the garage so we got some drizzle inside the storage area when it rained. We got the entire garage roof replaced (it needed to be done anyway). Problem solved. No major damage was done.

Then we get melting snow last week and it's coming in through a gap between the foundation of the storage area and the wall of the storage area. On Saturday morning, it was trickling in through the wall at a somewhat steady pace. Luckily, it was mostly confined to the area where we store our patio furniture, but it was quickly headed toward all of our other stuff we have stored there--books and misc. junk of all kinds. Most of it not waterproof, of course.

I called my aunt's partner, Susan, who is an expert at all things house-related. She drove out to our house and bought the right kind of cement and she and Ed spent a couple of hours sealing off the problem area and using a wet vac to get up the water. What a relief. Before we called Susan, I was really starting to panic and Ed was staying calm of course. I can't imagine being married to someone as worry-prone as me in situations like that. Yikes!

So, our day on Saturday and part of Sunday revolved around getting the garage problem straightened out and stuff rearranged and trying to enjoy the weather a bit, too. Luckily, Molly took some really long afternoon naps so we didn't have to deal with her while dealing with this craziness.

While I'm grateful to have a really nice storage area to store all of our junk that we're not using right now, I really wish the folks who had put up the addition on our garage knew what they were doing! C'mon people! Do it right next time or hire a professional!

On a positive note, Ed finally crawled around yesterday in our attic and sealed off the places where some mice had been getting in. They had chewed a hole in the ventilation screen in our attic and warmed themselves this winter in our attic. We had to put up mice poison that drove them outside two weeks ago and then installed a better screen yesterday. No more critters, please!

So, two major house-related projects were completed (I hope!) this weekend!! I would normally say something saracastic here about the "joys of home ownership" but the truth is, renting can be very stressful when you are waiting for someone else to get around to fixing household problems.

But, we are in control (at least when mice and wayward water aren't showing us up) of these repairs and while it is a burden at times, at least we are learning and taking responsibility for "our" house.

Oh, and yes, did I mention how I've learned to love those huge plastic storage bins from Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target or wherever you shop?

Sure, they are more expensive than the free cardboard boxes you find at work, they are great at keeping mice and water out of stuff you have in storage in attics and garages!! I love 'em!


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