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Thursday, May 01, 2003
"I Really Admire You"

This was what my boss said to me about a month ago when she was commenting on the fact that I could work full-time throughout my whole pregnancy.

It was a bit amusing since she had pretty much ignored the topic of my pregnancy the entire 9 months (I have my theories about that) and since she comes from a generation of women who were not usually working full-time and having kids at the same time.

The other amusing thing about her compliment is that in truth, if I wasn't working full-time, I'd be at home full-time with Molly and that would be more strenuous than sitting in an office all day, going to meetings, working on the computer, talking with faculty on the phone, etc. So, doing my job at work is less physically demanding that being home all day and being on my feet keeping the house going, running errands, etc.

My coworkers have been absolutely wonderful and supportive throughout my pregnancy--interested in how I'm feeling, refusing to let me lift anything heavier than my purse, etc. They even threw me a surprise baby shower luncheon a few weeks ago with decorations, food, gifts. Very, very thoughtful and very generous people I work with. I will miss seeing many of them every day.

One of my good friends and coworkers is going to be handling some of my job duties while I'm gone for 4 months and she is the most organized, efficient person I have ever met, so I have no worries at all. The other job duties will lie dormant during the summer, which is very convenient. And, it looks like I may end up coming back part-time.

So, tomorrow is my last day of office work until September 2. Actually, that's not true. I'm taking my maternity leave a few days early in exchange for coming in a day here or there over the summer to consult with folks about plans for the new academic year.

I reassure my coworkers that indeed I will be working hard over the summer but a very different kind of full-time work. Mothering work--the kind that never ends and that has its own rewards and is constantly surprising me in so many different ways. Talk about admirable work.....

Wednesday, April 30, 2003
What April Was All About

Well the month of April is just about over. This was the month of "getting everything done that MUST get done" before the baby arrives sometime in May (EDD: May 11).

I'm happy to say that I did get all the "must do" items on our checklist.

At work, I finished all the major projects that had to be done. In fact, this week I've been mostly "coasting" and doing busy work in case the baby decides to show up early. Still, cleaning off my desk and clearing out files this week has been really satisfying.

At home, we moved around all the furniture that needed to be moved (or, i should say, Ed moved stuff around and I directed him on where to put it). The nursery is now ready for baby. I bought infant pacifiers and extra diapers last night and now there's nothing left to get ready, except ourselves.

My hospital bag is partially packed with a more complete list posted on my dresser mirror for last minute items.

I set up all the caretaking instructions for Molly for those who will be watching her while we are busy in labor and delivery and postpartum at the hospital. We've even had more time to talk with Molly about her new brother on the way. We got out the baby swing and set it up in the living room last weekend and she didn't fuss about not sitting in it herself, but instead identified it as for her "baby brudder" and put her favorite stuffed dog in it. That's good. Still, I know it will be a big adjustment for all 3 of us once we are really home with him.

It's so surreal--it could be any day now! Although at my last OB appt on Monday, the doctor isn't seeing many signs that the baby is about to bust on out. That's ok. I'd love to have next week at home to do more nesting and napping before the actual arrival sometime the weekend of Mother's Day.....I hope!

Also, on the homefront, Ed lined up his teaching gigs for the summer and had a great interview for a full-time teaching job this fall. We'll see. They invited him to go back and teach a lesson this week. If he gets a full-time job, I'll work part-time starting September, so that's ideal.

Ed's current students always ask "Has the baby come yet?" and seem really interested. He keeps his cell phone on all the time now, even during class, so they would get a kick out of it if I called while he was teaching and he had to rush out of class and get home or to the hospital. I would only call him if my water broke and I was having strong contractions or I was pretty damn sure I wasn't having false labor.

We met with our doula for the last time (until labor begins) on Sunday. I love her. I really think she will help make the labor and delivery a great experience. My experience with Molly was full of long waiting, lots of drugs, lots of pushing and then a c-section, during which I could barely stay awake since I had been awake for 48 hours. On top of that, I was terribly dehydrated and ice chips weren't doing it. So, I hope for and plan for a better, more natural and faster l&d experience this time around. They key word is *plan* and *hope,* knowing that so many factors are out of my control (the baby's position, which really threw us off track last time).

Soon! It's hard to believe he'll be here in May! Now that my blog is working again, I'll be posting every day or every other day! What an adventure this summer is going to be.

I'm Back!!

I'm so excited! My blog seems to be working again after being unable to post for several weeks!


More news later...including pregnancy updates and general random thoughts!!
I'm trying to post!! any luck??


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