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Friday, May 09, 2003

Still no true labor yet, but lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. One was so painful last night it woke me up but then tapered off and now I get a few here and there to get my attention, but no real labor signs.

So, I've learned to take advantage of this time and do some organizing and cleaning out of some areas of the house that I've been wanting to do for awhile, so that's great. Nesting really is the very pregnant woman's best friend.

Still, it will be really great if the baby arrives on or around Mother's Day as scheduled!! That would be a true gift.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Still Waiting

Last night I had some strong contractions and thought they may be "it" but then went to bed at 11pm and they tapered off. You think I wouild have learned from my first pregnancy that false alarms at this stage are to be expected! Well, at least the contractions spurred me on to put the new card reader in the digital camera and to do a few other before-going-to-the hospital tasks.

This morning Ed and I went out to breakfast alone (a very rare treat) after he took Molly to preschool. I then shopped this morning for Mother's Day and some summer clothes for Molly and came home and took a nap.

I was particularly tired because Molly woke up several times last night. Very strange. She's been sleeping through the night for 15 or 16 months now and lately has been waking up--or half waking up--for just a few seconds and when we go into her room, she needs help finding her favorite stuffed dog, or finding her pacifier (she's allowed to use a pacifier for sleeping only) and then immediately lays down and goes back to sleep. So, we end up getting up for only about 10 seconds and then all go back to sleep (most of the time--sometimes I end up staying awake for 15 min-hour). But still, this seems to be increasing and I can't imagine getting up when she calls AND getting up to deal with a newborn. Yikes!

Maybe Molly in sensing the impending change in our family and waking up or being restless is how she expresses it. I just hope it's a phase and she goes back to sleeping soundly again soon (and us too), so at least one of the four of us will be sleeping "like a baby," because we know her brother sure won't be sleeping through the night for a loooong time...whenever he gets here, that is!

Tuesday, May 06, 2003
The In Between Time

This week is going really well so far, even though the baby is not making any signs that he is going to arrive on his actual due date on Mother's Day. Well, there is still lots of time for him to get into the starting gate and eventually show up this weekend. I really hope he does!

Not having to go to work this week is great! Today is Ed's birthday and the three of us took a picnic to the park this afternoon. Then Molly came home and took her nap and I took one, too.

Since all of our baby preparation is basically done, we've been tackling other chores like some light yard work and other stuff around the house.

After my weekly appt. yesterday, my doctor said "See you next week" and I said "Maybe!" Even if he thinks the baby is going to arrive late, I can still be hopeful!

This week actually gives me time to read more of "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg. I love the fact that she addresses different parenting styles based on each baby's personality type. Very wise. Molly was definitely a "textbook" baby according to Tracy's definitions. Could we be so lucky this next time? I hope so!


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