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Monday, June 02, 2003
Life With Baby

10 days past my due date--on May 21--I had a c-section and welcomed Sean into the world. Having a c-section when I was not totally wrung out emotionally and physically from labor was a different experience. This time around, I was aware of everything going on. This makes the surgery a little more scary but the birth experience so much better since I was able to "be present" the moment he was born and the moments after.

It was really wonderful.

The recovery from the c-section was much faster this time and I'm feeling pretty good.

Sean has been a pretty predictable baby except last week he really threw us for a loop when he got his days and nights mixed up. I think we've finally got that all straightened out and we are having better nights. He wakes me up about every 3 hours so he can eat. Not too bad.

I'm so much more relaxed with this second baby and life is easier with him. The hardest part is chasing Molly around and having Sean to take care of. The good thing is that Molly is taking to being a big sister SO WELL.
I'm really proud of the way she wants to help take care of him, loves to look at him, talk about him, etc.

Almost two weeks down and so far, so good.


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