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Thursday, June 19, 2003
Summer Task List 2003

1. Hire someone to paint the house & garage (this used to say 'paint the house & garage' but notice we woke up and smelled the paint thinner and realized that having a new baby is not the time to take on a huge household project that we've never done before).

2. Encourage Molly to learn to use the potty (notice we didn't say 'train Molly' as every book reminds us that the kid has to do it herself and we can only encourage and assist. So far, she's really into it. Sort of.)

3. Organize all of my loose photos into photo albums (ha ha! that's a good one! I can always use a good laugh!)

4. Go out on a 'date' with Ed alone once per month and refuse to talk about anything related to kids, potties and painting.

5. Send out birth announcements (we can probably knock that one out this week! I hope!)

6. Try to read and finish a book that isn't about kids, potties or painting.

7. Weed the garden at least once a month (I can hear my neighbors laughing at that one) and don't allow having a new baby stop me!

8. Continue to perfect my fruit cobbler recipe (easiest task on the list) with all kinds of yummy fresh fruit around.

9. Start to lose some of the baby weight (too bad this is fruit cobbler season! Grrr!).

10. Enjoy having 10 more weeks off from work to relax with my newborn son!
Thank you, Sean, for giving me the perfect excuse to take the entire summer off work and slow down and appreciate you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Sweet Summer Stuff

Today felt like the first day of summer vacation.

We had planned to drive out to a nearby park that has a water play area for kids. We were going with my mom and my 5-year-old nephew Jack, who came up from Louisville with my mom for the week.

But, since it was raining this morning my mom suggested we drive out to her cottage and hang out and enjoy the lake if the weather cleared up. So, this morning instead of doing dishes and folding laundry and paying bills we packed up the kids and drove out and enjoyed the entire afternoon at the cottage.

Molly and Jack played together just like cousins are meant to do. She follows older kids around like a puppy dog. Jack was intent of learning to fish and my mom had bought him a fishing pole but didn't know the first thing about finding bait and showing Jack how to cast the line, etc.

Luckily, Ed is an experienced fisherman and he showed Jack how to dig up worms (the rain had just stopped) and bait the hook, etc. and hey went to the end of the dock and caught about 6 fish in 30 minutes. Too cute. Mom said Ed had made Jack's vacation by showing him how to fish. I told Ed that it was just the kind of thing that uncles are meant to do for their nieces and nephews.

Meanwhile, Sean was eating and sleeping on cue pretty much and I had brought out the laptop so Mom helped me finish off my cover letter. I even got to take a nap.

We ate an early dinner out on the picnic table near the water and it was a perfect late afternoon scene. I swung on the hammock with Sean and he went to sleep in my arms as I ate an ice cream cone and enjoyed the velvety summer breeze. It was the first time I felt like I was relaxing since summer began. Bliss.

Molly had a great time running around with Jack and I was so glad we gave up the afternoon to fun and not "getting stuff done," as I am wont to do.

The future will bring far fewer summer afternoons that Ed & I and the kids will be free to just enjoy in any way we please, as Ed and I will be both working more in future summers. But for now, it was a pleasure to just allow myself to enjoy it all.

Monday, June 16, 2003
Why So Quiet?

Well, having a new baby doesn't lend itself to lots of free time, but I can't blame it all on Sean. I hosted a small luncheon for my girlfriends from work on Saturday and we're hosting a neighborhood cookout Wed. night as a going away party for our neighbor Linda. Well, it's a potluck, so that's not SO much work.

But still..I tend to keep myself busy despite my best intentions to take it easy.

Oh, yes, and I've been recruited for a new job in a nearby city where we used to live. So, I'm working on a cover letter. There is just no end to the list of crazy new projects I have in my life.

Speaking of crazy new projects, Sean is doing just fine, despite some middle of the night shenanigans now and then. Yesterday he looked into my eyes and gave me a huge smile that lasted for several seconds. Yes, it was a reminder that all the diaper changing and wakeful nights are totally worth it. Awww....

Now excuse me while I collapse into bed.


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