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Thursday, July 03, 2003
Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today, Ed & I tied the knot. In four years, we've moved from newlyweds to a family of four. Blows my mind!

We're headed up north to Ed's parents beach house tomorrow for the 4th and they agreed to babysit on Saturday night so we can go out and celebrate our anniversary.

Today was pretty much a low key day--Ed was teaching most of the day, I was home with the kids and then Ed went out to pick up dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and came back with the food and with a dozen roses. Very sweet. I gave him a copy of Calvin Trillan's book "Family Man." Our "real" anniversary gift to each other will be a piece of art we are planning to buy for the house later this month at the city art fair....

I noticed how well Molly was playing by herself this afternoon. She's learning to entertain herself with her toys around here and also interact with me without needing me to play with her non-stop. It was wonderful. I cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry, mailed off my job application materials for a new job I'm being recruited for, and even got a nap in after Ed got home. The baby's been his usual cute self, although we noted that he can't stand a bottle of formula that's been in the fridge. He wants the stuff at room temperature, dammit! I guess it's more like breast milk that way...and yes, I am still breastfeeding, as well.

Now I've got a few more things to pack and then off we go. I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend. We're hitting the road bright and early in the a.m. to avoid the traffic hassles. Just me and Ed and out two kids in our minivan...we've come a long way in 4 years!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003
July Is Here

July is here. Amazing!! It's a good thing I have consciously taken time in June to carve out some time for summer fun, or I'd be really bummed out how the summer is flying by and I'm not having enough fun in the sun.

Since Molly's preschool is closed this week for everyone to take a much-needed vacation, I have taken the time to do some fun stuff with her. Yesterday she and I packed up Baby Sean and we went to the children's museum downtown. It was my first visit, but Molly had been before with my Aunt Molly and my mom. Fun, fun. We even stopped by a deli on the way home and did lunch. Sean was a perfect angel--slept when I needed him to sleep and woke up and looked around when I needed him to do that, too.

With his easygoing attitude, it makes outings with two kids seem totally doable. Once he starts crawling, watch out!

Today we went to a nearby park and had the whole place to ourselves. At home, I even got Molly to help me bathe Sean and get some stuff done around the house.

So this week I'm getting a taste of what it would be like to be a stay at home mom with two kids. It's fun and challenging in its own way--a different way than my job is. I still think the ideal is to have a part time job and be a part time stay at home mom.

Ed started his 2 new part-time teaching jobs this week and he's finishing up a course he has been teaching since May. Whew.

We leave for vacation on Friday for the weekend. Driving up north to Ed's parent's house on Lake Michigan. That should be a perfect ending to our "vacation week."


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