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Thursday, July 10, 2003
This Summer So Far

So far, I'm doing pretty well on my summer to do list...

Molly is using the potty at preschool regularly (she wants to be just like the other kids) and practicing a lot at home (she likes the flushing part the best), so we know we should be patient and someday when she sits on the potty, she will actually leave something behind (no pun intended).

We have gathered quotes for the painting of our house. Ed's cousin, a roofer, will probably handle it. He does lots of home repairs besides roofing.

I made a "Peach Krisp" from an old Moosewood cookbook and if I had had vanilla ice cream to go with it, it would have been great instead of just pretty good. It was all natural (no refined sugars), though, so it was tres healthy. I could even have fed it to Molly for breakfast without guilt.
I've already lost a bunch (ie 30 lbs!) of pregnancy weight and still have about 18 more to go to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. What a relief! I'm 10 lbs ahead of where I was with Molly at this post-partum stage...
What would I do without drawstring shorts and pants? I don't even like to think about it...

We sent out all birth announcements and thank you notes for the baby gifts, so we are up to date on all of that!

I love crossing things off my to do list so much it's scary!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Up North

It was a great weekend, despite my misgivings about a long trip with two small children during a busy travel holiday! I think the hardest part about the whole weekend was just preparing for the trip--making sure all 4 of us were packed with the "essentials" that filled the back of our minivan. The days of throwing a few things into a tote bag and just going are over!

But, it was well worth the effort. The travel gods smiled on us as we got to Ed's parents' beach house in record time on Friday. While Ed & Molly went to the 4th of July parade with other family members, I took a nap while Ed's mom watched Sean.

The rest of the weekend Molly was inseparable from her 7 year old cousin, Margo. Margo functions as a big sister to Molly--playing with her and keeping her out of trouble and allowing the adults to relax a bit and not have to entertain the kids. Molly gives Margo lots of adulation in return. It's so cute. It will be so special to see them grow up together as playmates.

I was really intent on relaxing this weekend and not doing too many "fun things" that would really tire me out. It worked! I napped every day---one day I laid out with the baby on a chaise lounge overlooking Lake Michigan and dozed and listened to the waves and the birds. Lovely. We spent lots of time at the beach, which is just a short walk down the bluff behind the house. Molly romped in the sand and Ed enjoyed the kayak and I just sat and enjoyed the view with the baby and took lots of great photos. It was just how I had pictured the weekend to be.

Vacationing with family also means that we had time for relaxing visits and chats with his parents and brother and sister, which was nice. Ed's family is so different from my family in many ways, but I do enjoy their company and I love the way they interact with Molly and the ways she loves them back. So sweet! They marvel at her verbal skills, her curiosity, her cuteness, her curly blonde hair, etc.

As far as the baby, Sean was a champion traveler--doesn't get thrown by new faces, new places, new people. Just like his sister when she was a baby. I feel blessed by that.

Ed & I went out to dinner at a chi-chi restaurant Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary and then caught a showing of "Charlies' Angels II" The dinner was so amazingly delicious ( for $100 it better be!) and the movie was...well...entertaining fluff and fun. We didn't get back to Ed's parents until almost midnight. Glimpses of our old life before kids....

I came back home feeling like we had a relaxing beach vacation, even though we were only gone 2 days. The beauty is that we'll go back every summer and the kids will have the priceless memories of growing up and spending time at Grandpa and Grandma's "beach."


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