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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Timing Is Everything

Timing seems so important these days. Sean's "timing" with his sleep habits at night are starting to wear at us and we're going to start focusing on teaching him to put himself to sleep. He's just about at 2 months, which is an ideal time.

We learned with Molly that this kind of thing takes time and patience and persistence. However, it paid off big time with Molly. She is a fabulous sleeper now. She goes to bed and goes down for a nap without a peep and if she's not tired, she is allowed to "read" books until she nods off.

Still, these next 10 months will be our biggest challenge with Sean and sleeping. Yawn. If I can start exercising again, it will help with my fatigue and help lose the baby weight.

The other issue is timing with my new job that is possibly on the horizon. I have a job interview tomorrow. It looks very promising. It's just the timing could be better. But, hey, life rarely happens on the schedule we create for ourselves. I am going with the flow as much as I can and embracing all the newness that might be happening next month, rather than seeing it as all upheaval.

As my Mom observed, our "cup of life" is overflowing these days--new baby, new job(s), possibly new house. All good things. All in good time. All at once! I'll know about the job by the end of this week! I'm taking a deep breath...


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