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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

So far, details are coming together really well for our big transition months of August and September. It feels not so overwhelming when I can make lists of everything that needs to be done and then do them or get someone else to do them!

I've even stocked the freezer and cabinets with lots of easy to prepare food that is still healthy because cooking dinner needs to be a no-brainer for about the next 6 weeks. I'm so glad I taught myself to cook in the past 4 years so that I have about 20 recipes I can throw together in about 15 minutes!

We put our house on the market this week and I'm getting ready to go back to work to my new job next week. Amid all these life changes, having kids around reminds me to also enjoy the here and now.

Example: Molly is doing quite well at potty training. When she has to go, she announces it and then runs into the bathroom, sits on the potty seat and when she is done she calls me in to look at her "accomplishment" before we then flush and then wash our hands. When Ed and I notice she has used the potty successfully, we always cheer her on by saying "Yay, Molly!" and she loves it.

Two nights ago when I took Molly to the pool, I brought her into the stall so I could use the bathroom without her running amok in the bathroom. After I quickly went, she looked into the toilet and said, "Yay, Mommy!" and cheered me on. It was so cute.

Then, when she flushes, she says: "Bye, pee! See you later, pee!" Too cute.

Monday, July 28, 2003
Moving Fast

Well, we looked at 10 houses on Friday and we put an offer on the second-to-last one we saw! We totally lucked out! It's an amazingly nice house that was built in 1977 but updated so well that nothing looks like 1977--it all looks like something out of a decorating magazine. Of course, the couple will take their stuff with them, but leave the updated kitchen, the gorgeous french doors, the marble foyer, etc. Beautiful. It's almost too beautiful for kids!

It's got 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and a partially finished basement. So much room! What will we do with it all? I can't wait to move in. It's also got a cedar deck and it is two houses away from a playground! Molly will be in heaven!

Now, we just have to sell our house. We put it on the market today. We are selling it ourselves with some free legal support from my Aunt Molly. I hope it sells soon!

So, with one house bought and the other house about to be sold (we hope), life is getting a bit less complicated, but still pretty busy.

I go back to work a week from today and start my new job. 3 months from when I left for maternity leave. It's been a fantastic 3 months--so enjoyable not to have to go to work in an office.
However, I don't feel ready to give up my career at all. This new job will really allow me to take myself in new directions.

I have been back to my old job a few half days this month and I like work. Working in an office and working as a mom at home are two very different kinds of satisfying work. They each have their very different rewards. It's been so fascinating to experience both lifestyles right "next to each other" and compare.

Today I took Molly to one of the city pools after Ed got home from work and he stayed home with Sean. Molly is a total water baby. Totally! We splashed in the kiddie section, which is full of fountains and waterfalls and such and had a great time. It was special mommy/daughter time. She is such a creative, happy, sociable kid. I'm so proud of her.

Then I picked up a $2.99 pizza special on the way home for dinner. Does life get any better than that? I don't think so!

The summer is moving fast. I have to take time to grab the enjoyable moments while I can. We move into our new house around Sept. 20th, just as summer is officially ending. What a season it has been so far.

Oh, yes, i did check two other things off my summer 'to do' list--our garage and house trim were painted last week and I finished a book this month called "Dreams of Rescue" by Laura Shaine Cunningham. It was pretty good, but not my favorite book of hers. "Sleeping Arrangements" is a fantastic book of hers--a memoir about her unusual childhood.

Now it is getting late. Molly and Sean have been asleep in bed for about an hour. Ed is out jogging and the house is quiet. Peace and quiet. Sigh. I love it! I will miss these calm summer evenings.


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