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Saturday, August 09, 2003
So Far....

After one week commuting to my new job to shadow the guy who I will be replacing, all I can say!

Although this guy's organizational skills in training me (I have to ask a lot of questions) are not terrific, he's a nice guy and has kept good paper and electronic files, so I should be fine. Plus, there is going to be a lot of new stuff that Deb (my new boss) has planned for my position, so I'm excited to work with her on some new projects that are more challenging.

This new job will be a breath of fresh air. Even my physical space is fantastic--my own office, huge window with fantastic view overlooking the campus and all new office furniture. My part-time student assistant will work at the desk outside my office.

The only downside in this area is that the other colleagues in my office per se are one floor up, so I don't have any folks working within shouting distance, so it will be quiet and a bit lonely at times, especially since my old job was the opposite (sometimes no privacy at all). But, since my job involves a lot of on-site working with faculty and stuff, I'll spend a lot of time out of the office, which is great.

The commute is 90 minutes door to door one way! Ugh! That's the worst part of it until we move. I do get to listen to NPR during my commute, so that helps. The minivan is not so great on gas mileage, so let's just say I'm looking forward to giving up the commute come mid-September when we move into our new house about 5 minutes from campus. Then Ed gets to start his commute to his new teaching job. Blah!

The last two weeks of this month, though, I return to my old job to tie up the loose ends and stuff. So that will be really nice to end things on a good note. This move really feels right on several levels and I know my career will benefit tremendously.
i've already got reservations for a conference in early October, where I'll start to meet others in my field at universities across the country. I can't wait.

On the kid front, Molly is almost completely potty trained during the day! She is so ready! I bought her "big girl underpants" today and she was thrilled.

Sean is such an angel baby. My mom has started babysitting him M-F so I can start this new job and she remarked on how easy he is. My father in law babysit last Friday to give my mom a break and he said Sean was no trouble at all. Molly was a pretty easygoing baby, but I don't remember even Molly being this easy, and I'm so happy and relieved. I was so certain that I'd had such an easy time with Molly (after the colic), that we'd get a difficult child this time around. But, no!

Sean is also quite smiley and a good sleeper. What else could we ask for? He's sleeping better at night now than Molly was at this age. What a sweet boy.

This week was the first week I haven't spent most of my time with him, since I'm back to work, and I really missed him. I leave work at 4pm and after my long commute, I'm wiped out when I get home but I spend that after-work time soaking up time with both kids. It so important to me and them.

I'll just be so glad when we can move into our new (spacious!!) house and get settled.


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