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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Best Laid Plans

Well, I knew it--as soon as we started to count on Sean sleeping through the night, he would remind us who is in charge! He was up twice last night--at 2am and 4:30am to have a bottle. Thankfully, it only takes about 10 minutes and they we are all back asleep again. :)

A coworker found out about our house for sale and he and his wife came to see it and they want to buy it!
The only catch is that their financial situation is not stellar (but not horrible, either), so I don't know if they will find a bank to give them the mortgage they need. Oh, well. We'll just be hopeful and see how it unfolds.
Meanwhile, we will keep the house on the market.

When the dust settles after our move and life has taken on a predictable routine, Ed and I must really begin to carve out time each week to go out, just the two of us. I've already got some good ideas for babysitting help in our new city (we both have college-age female cousins at the U. where I will be working), so we will just have to make that a priority.

We've rented one movie the whole summer--"Punch Drunk Love," which I adored. Who doesn't love P.T. Anderson?--and I don't think we've seen a movie alone together since the latest "Lord of the Rings" earlier this year. We are due for some couple time...

Monday, August 18, 2003
More Good News & Bad News

Well, I think I can safely say that I am surviving quite well during this very intense time in my family's life. Even the blackout temporarily sidelined us, but we bounced back! Here's the upshot:

Good News: After two weeks shadowing Ian, whose job I am taking over, I can safely say that I have made the right move career-wise. This new job answers all of my gripes about my old job, the main one being that I had no room to grow or advance in my field. The sky is the limit in this new job, and that's come straight from my new boss. She loves me and appreciates my skills in every way that my old boss did not. Yay!

Bad News: Starting this new career meant that I cut my maternity leave short by one month. I miss my little Sean! He's such a bundle of little boy love at this age and my only consolation is that my mom is taking care of him every day while I am at work this month, so they are bonding nicely. Still, I wish I had had more time at home with him, just the two of us. I am really enjoying having one-on-one time with him in the morning before Molly wakes up and in the evening as I am getting him ready for bed. The rest of the time I have to "share" him with his sister and his dad.

Bad News: Our old house is not selling. We are doing For Sale By Owner. We've had lots of people call us with questions after seeing the ad in the newspaper, and some people come by to see the house, but no offers. Bummer. Granted, it's only been on the market for 3 weeks, but in this housing market, we are suprised. We've lowered the price twice, knowing that we actually started off pricing it kind of high so we had room to come down.

Good News: Our new house is sooo much bigger and nicer than our current 'starter house.' My new employer is paying for the boxes, the moving van, etc. Now I just have to find time to pack! Oh, and a coworker of mine at my old job wants to come by tonight so see our old house....maybe he'll buy it!!

Bad News: Molly was doing great on potty training, but then once she got into underpants, it was pretty erratic and we finally went back to diapers. Now, it is totally normal for potty training to be a process and for kids to have lots of accidents while they are learning, but I feel like we can't really give her the potty routine she needs while we are both starting new jobs, about to move, etc. It's just too crazy in our house right now. We do keep her using the potty several times a day, but we're still in diapers. Now, if she asked for underpants again, I'd go for it. But right now my plan is to wait until after we move and life is more settled....

Good News: Sean is the amazing Sleeping Baby!! He slept through the night twice in the past two nights AND I had to wake HIM up at 6;30am this morning to feed him!
He sucks on his fingers when his pacifier falls out and seems perfectly content to sleep that way. I feel so lucky that he is such a champion sleeper at this age! I just hope it continues...!!

Bad News: My plan to start losing the baby weight this summer failed miserably. My new job involves lots of catered meals and such and while that is wonderful, it also makes it harder for me to stay on track with my healthy eating.

Good News: Two of my new colleagues are doing "Weight Watchers at Work" and I'm starting it again on Sept. 4. Since I did this once already, in order to lose the baby weight after I had Molly, I know it works for me. I lost 25 lbs. last time just to gain it all back when I got preggers last fall, so I'm ready to start again. I just need that accountability of the little book and getting on the scale every week in front of other people....

Oh, yes, and our car woes. Well, I won't go into that right now. Really, my life is mostly Good News these days all the way--new house, new jobs, great kids, wonderful family and friends. I feel like I really have no reason to count my Bad News, but only my blessings.


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