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Friday, September 05, 2003
Moving On

Just started the new job this week. Hit the ground running, but it's busy in a good way. They just hooked up my new computer yesterday and things aren't working quite right, but i hope it will get ironed out today. I'm really happy to be in my new position for many reasons.

I also started the Weight Watchers at Work program yesterday with a coworker. I was also really happy to be back on the bandwagon and hope to be in my pre-pregnancy clothes by January, if not sooner (that means i need to lose 1 lb a week, which is realistic based on my last WW experience!!). I am hopeful!!

The trip to Maine last weekend went just fine and I loved--LOVED--having that one-on-one time with Sean. He's such a happy, easygoing baby. I'm soooo lucky. He traveled really well--only fussed a bit on the flight going home near the end of the flight, so that wasn't too bad.

Geez, I learned a lot abouty traveling alone with a baby. Especially when you have to deal with airport security and take elevators because you have a stroller, etc. Next time, I need to leave at least 30 minutes earlier! I ended up having to rush to make both flights for different reasons, and I almost missed the flight to Maine because the airport was huge and I went to the wrong gate.

There I was, rushing through the airport, running as fast as i could and pushing a stroller trying to get to the correct gate and I'm sure the envy of noone who saw me. I was so out of shape, too...but I did make the flight and they moved me to a seat where I had the seat next to me open, so that was ideal.

The weather was beautiful all weekend and the wedding itself and the other social events around the wedding were mostly outside, so it was just lovely. I didn't know many people at the wedding at all, but having Sean around meant that he was a good icebreaker for conversation (and very popular with the ladies, if you know what i mean). A delightful weekend. I even managed to get some shopping done in Freeport, land of a thousand factory outlet stores, so that was fabulous.

Gotta love that Maine lobster and those New England accents, too. All in all, a nice getaway before things really heat up for our move. Moving day is two weeks from today! Yippee!


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