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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Oh shit--I just did a really long post and deleted it by accident.
Oh well.
I'll try again tomorrow!

Monday, September 08, 2003
Welcome to Change

With all the long lists of things we have to do to move house, it's easy to forget the emotional changes of leaving a house and a city and moving to a new one.

I was thinking about this because this morning when I dropped Molly off at preschool, one of the teachers told me this story--Emily said:

"Last week we were introducing the theme of friendship and what a friend does. When I was helping Molly, I asked her, 'What does a best friend do?' and she just said 'Gabby.' And then, later, I asked Gabby, "What does a best friend do?" she just said, 'Molly.' It was so cute!"

This brought tears to my eyes, because Molly & Gabby have been in daycare and preschool together since they were babies and I've been told that they prefer to play with just each other over any of the other kids and I hate that we are moving away and separating them. Molly is only 1 month older than Gabby.

I took photos of them at the preschool party last month and I plan to make a special photo album of all the friends and places that we are leaving behind so that after we move, we can look through the photos with Molly and talk about those people and places. The owner of the preschool suggested this and says it helps kids deal with transition.

I will so very much miss this preschool that Molly is attending--it's small size, the great staff and how much she loves it. I have picked out a new preschool near my office that I think she will come to love over time, but this transition is going to be hard on her, I think.

I suppose I must be thankful for the fact that Molly embraces change and all things new (always has in the past), whether it was moving out of her crib or starting to wear underpants instead of diapers. So, I hope she'll embrace our new lives, but at the same time, we must help her remember the great place we've been for the past two years.

Helping her embrace these upcoming changes will also help me do it, too.


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