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Friday, September 26, 2003
Coming up for air

It's been a very intense two weeks. The move to the new house went really smoothly...but the unpacking will take some time.
However, we LOVE our new house. I pinch myself because it's so great. After feeling so cramped in our last house, as cute as it was, it's fabulous to have more room than we need even!

We have great neighbors around our age with little kids, so that is also wonderful. One of the babies on the block was born the same month as Sean. How perfect.

We did have a major plumbing disaster earlier this week, which happened when I fell in the bathroom when I was about to give the baby a bath. I slammed into the toilet (neither of us were hurt, which is a miracle) and the part carrying water from the floor into the toilet came loose and water was gushing everywhere.

Water was then gushing through the floor into the kitchen through the light fixture and then eventually a bit into the basement. Holy crap! It was a mess and very stressful.

Luckily, my aunt was with me and the kids (Ed had parent-teacher conferences that night) and helped me keep my wits about me. The 24-hour plumber came and now things seem better and I think we got away with minor damage, but still it was horrible to see our beautiful new house damaged already.

Oh, yes, I learned a lesson: when you move into a new house, unpack the bathmats as soon as possible.


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