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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
How the New Life is Going

Busy, but great. That seems to be the theme these days. I wish I could just take a few days to organize my office, to put up photos,etc. and do the same at home.

But right now, it's not to be. I've been incredibly busy at work putting together a one-day event for a group of 40 faculty and about 10 different presenters. The details are many and yet everyone I am working with is terrific, so that's made it better.

Deb, my new boss, even arranged for me to have a second student assistant, so now I have an assistant every day of the week. Glory be!

After the one-day event tomorrow, I've got another half-day event that I've organized with a nationally-known speaker. So by Friday after lunch, I'm going to be extremely tired and probably take the afternoon off. Maybe I'll even sneak away and go catch a movie--what a thought!

The transition to the new life for the kids has been going really well, with some bumps in the road. Molly is blooming at her new preschool, although she comes home sometimes and can be very demanding. Ed and I are working on giving her one-on-one attention during that time--a good idea for everyone involved.

Ed's been cooking dinner so that I can spend time with her and with Sean, although I get one-on-one time with Sean more often because I visit his daycare when I can sneak away from work for an hour or so. It's been great. Not only do I get to see him, I get to know his caregivers better. God, I miss him during the days, but time flies so fast every day that I hardly can believe it's been 8 hours and time to go home.

Being away from the kids all day really forces me to really connect with them and cherish the time in the mornings and after work. I'm usually pretty creative when I want to spend time with Molly and yet need to unpack the house. Last night's game after we got home from the playground was to find her winter coat in the basement boxes....a fun game but productive for me.

Maybe this weekend we'll play "arrange all of Molly's books on her new bookshelf" game and I'll get her involved in arranging her new room.

The new house continues to thrill me--I just love it and almost feel a little shallow about how much an attached garage, a walk-in closet, a master bath and kitchen pantry and finished basement can mean to me...but yet it does.

Ed is working his tail off--commuting to his job, coming home, cooking dinner and after we sit together and eat as a family, he is helping me get the kids to bed and clean up the kitchen and then spends the rest of the night preparing for the next day's classes. At least I take a few hours at night to do some laundry, sort through some bills and watch some TV or read and put some order to the boxes that still remain unpacked.

I must think of some way for us to get away and have fun on the upcoming weekends. My cousin here in town is so ready to babysit for the kids, so that is wonderful.

Next week I'm gone for 5 days at a national conference in Denver. I'm looking forward to it and Ed is taking the kids to his parent's house and commuting from there. That will be such a load off my mind to know that the kids are going to get lots of love and attention from Grandma and Grandpa and not just one busy, stressed out parent for 5 days. It makes me feel less guilty about leaving, although I don't want to pass this opportunity up. I love my new job. I feel so lucky on so many fronts.

And I didn't even mention our great new neighbors...our friends that we are reconnecting with...the beautiful view from my new office window..and that Sean is the happiest, smilingest baby ever. That means so much to me right now, I can't even put words to it.


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