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Monday, October 06, 2003
Learning to Let Go

Wed I leave for a conference in Denver for 4.5 days.
A quiet, neat hotel room. Meals prepared and served to me. A chance to talk only with adults. A chance to focus only on work. Ahh. Sounds wonderful.

I will be so happy to get home, though, and see the family again. I can just feel that already and I haven't even left.

I was just reading a bunch of posts on where other moms are venting about how hard it is to keep their houses in order, let alone clean. I can relate to that so very much. It's hard enough to keep chaos from overtaking the house, let alone when we are half unpacked from our move and in between seasons with piles of clothes to be sorted through and put away.

I need to let go of that concern and just keep the chaos at bay without making myself crazy. Ed and I talked about having the house professionally cleaned twice a month and I think I'll go for it. It will help save my sanity and let us focus on the kids on the weekend and not worry about cleaning the toilets or the kitchen floor.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy this little trip and use it to recharge my batteries professionally and personally.
The kids and Ed will be staying at his parents, which is wonderful.

Everyone will have a great week and our house will stay clean! Imagine!


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