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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Details, details

Molly has decided she wants to be a clown for Halloween. She will match Sean, who has a clown outfit from my mom. They will look so darn cute.

I'm looking forward to Halloween tomorrow more than I have in years since it will be Molly's first time to really celebrate it and enjoy it and there are some fun things going on.

Meanwhile, I feel bogged down in so many details about everything at work and at home and never enough time to catch up. I'm learning to let go a bit about things that don't get done as soon as I'd like them to...

But, the good news is that one of my new projects involves interviewing the two young women who want to share the nanny job for Sean and Ethan.

Jodi and I are meeting with them on Sunday and we're all excited about it. Although Sean is doing fine at his daycare, his persistant little illnesses concern me. The women who work there are absolutely wonderful to him, but they have many babies to tend to. Having Sean stay home would be ideal. We'll see...

There was a showing of the old house yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone will make an offer in November. Sigh.

We also started working on our holiday plans a bit. Every year we have been making our Chirstmas gifts, but this year, who knows? It just feels like the year we may have to scale down a bit.

The real scary thing about tomorrow is that October is over. Where did it go?

Monday, October 27, 2003
News From All Over

Friday night was a big success in terms of Ed and I spending some time together alone--the babysitter and Molly really hit it off (and allowing Molly to have ice cream after dinner and giving her some new stickers helped ease us leaving her with someone she just met). We put the baby to bed, kissed Molly goodbye and got to the concert.

Ed was wonderfully surprised by the show. He loves Celtic music and the band was directly from Ireland and really wonderful....what I remember of them, anyway, because I was so tired I fell asleep. We both agreed that we should try to go out on Saturday nights in the future since we are usually both so wiped out on Fridays after work. But, still, we had a nice time and stopped off after the show at the independent coffee shop in town where we had our first date almost 6 years ago.

Over the weekend I also found out that our neighbors Jodi and Michael want to share a nanny with us! Yippee!
Their son Ethan is only 10 days older than Sean and we'd love for them to be together with one caregiver at our house or their house. I did find a nanny through Molly's preschool who can do it part-time so we need to find another experienced college student who wants to share the job. We are all so excited about this prospect. I really hope it comes together.

I really like Jodi and Michael--what I know of them. We seem to click with them, as opposed to our neighbors who live directly behind us and have 2 kids, one of whom has hit it off with Molly. They are very nice people, but the conversation among us adults is kind of forced. It's hard to put my finger on it, exactly. I'm just so happy to be in a neighborhood with kids around the same age as our kids. It's so refreshing and will make a big difference to Molly and Sean as they get older.

I know this because Ed and his siblings grew up in a rural area and really feel like they missed out on having a limited number of neighborhood friends to play with as they grew up. I think it is especially key for Molly and Sean who will seek out friends of their same gender since they won't have a same-sex sibling to grow up with. At certain ages, a same-sex friend is so important to one's development.

And yet, I hope they will also have lots of friends of the opposite sex. One of my best friends in high school was a guy and that has lead to many rich friendships--male and female--over the years.

Speaking of friends, I just found out that a good friend from my former job was hit by an SUV on Friday as she was crossing the street on campus. Thankfully, she was not seriously injured...but then again 2 broken wrists, a broken nose and a dislocated knee sounds pretty serious. She will have surgery done on her wrists on Wednesday. I've heard she is in a lot of pain.

I was just so shocked by the news. Mary and her husband have been good friends to Ed and I over the past 2 years. They have a 14-month-old daughter and Mary and I have compared a lot of notes about mothering and such and it was Mary who recommended her doula to us when I was pregnant with Sean.

It made me realize how, once again, life can change on a dime. I really hope Mary is on the mend soon. I've been thinking of her and her family all day.


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