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Thursday, December 18, 2003
Mini-Me Molly

Molly's preschool party was up and down. They had way too many parents and kids crammed into small spaces and trying to get their hands on potluck dishes that were not organized very well. It was stuffy and I felt like I would pass out.

However, the "presentation" of Molly's class singing "Frosty the Snowman" was cute. The kids didn't really sing very much, but Molly did ham it up at certain points.

It was fascinating to watch her around her classmates "in their element" of the classroom. She's pretty "out there" in terms of running aroung, being energetic. But not out of control.

The other girls were all dressed in cute holiday outfits with their hair done just right and Molly was wearing a red turtleneck and blue leggings and blue socks. I had left her shoes in the car since she was wearing snow boots.

Her "hair" was not done. Well, she's got naturally curly hair and it's short so I just let it do it's own thing and it looks a wee bit wild, but she's 3 years old, for crying out loud. I"m not going to try to give her the message that her hair "needs fixing."

I did try to convince her yesterday morning to wear a cute, red sweater by calling it her "Christmas sweater" but she wouldn't have it. So, I let her "dress down."

But, if I had brought a red velvet dress for her to wear (as someone sent us in the mail recently), she would have loved it. Man, she is very girly girl when she's not being a tomboy.

I actually love it that's she's so outgoing and sociable and fearless. And, she's got that girly, girl side that loves to dress up.

Just like me when I was growing up. I swear, she even looks like me. Sometimes it's like looking into a mirror and seeing my preschool self.

My mom just laughs when I tell her about some Molly hijinks: "Molly is my revenge" she says.

My daughter, myself. Indeed. Lots of issues we'll be ironing out throughout our whole lives together.

I can't wait.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Better, Better

Sean's doing better already. Whew. A relief to me.

Tonight is Molly's Winter Festival at her preschool (they don't name it after a specific holiday, which I appreciate).

Should be a lot of fun and I wised up by signing up to bring beverages. Normally, I love to sign up to bring a homemade dish of some sort, but in the middle of the week during the holiday season? Get real.

And now, with Sean being sick, I am so glad I am not cooking--or feeling obligated to cook.

I'm looking forward to the party. I like Molly's preschool so much and the teachers, parents and other kids. At the last potluck, however, I did try to strike up a conversation with some other parents and people seemed not in the mood. Oh, well. That won't stop me tonight.

The party tonight will help make up for the fact that I missed two holiday luncheons at my office in the past week (the first was when we were in Florida and yesterday I was with Sean at the doctor's office).

I can't believe it's ONE WEEK until Christmas. It really snuck up on us. Wow. Ed has the entire 2 weeks off (paid) starting next week--a perk of being a teacher. I've got December 24-January 4 off. It means that I use up all of my remaining personal days, but I don't care. I've still got sick time and vacation time starting in February.

It will be so nice to enjoy our kids and extended family in a relaxed way.

Maybe I'll start trying some new recipes my mom's old crock pot that she gave me. Perfect for a cold winter's night.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003
The Glass is Still Half Full, Really

Disney was fun--let's face it, it would take a lot of work to make a resort vacation NOT fun.

Molly was a wee bit overwhelmed by it all but loved it, too. Her interest in Cinderella and the other princesses was watered, that's for sure. Oh, well! It could be could be SpongeBob Squarepants.

Sean was a fantastic traveling babe and Molly, aside from a few tantrums, handled the whole trip beautifully.
It was a blur of fun, family and food.

Then we came home and put the house back together, unpacked, etc. and Sean gets sick. Ugh. He just got over an ear infection!

Turns out today--after some tests--that he has an early case of pneumonia and we're starting medication tonight, so that eases my mama mind.

Geez, never a dull moment at our house.

Oh, yes, I'm also making family calendars for Christmas presents and even though it's a lot of work right now, it's so much fun, too.

What's not so much fun is that our old house is still on the market. So depressing. So costly. The real Christmas present would be to have everyone healthy and only one mortgage to pay.

Are you listening, Santa?


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