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Monday, December 22, 2003
Ho Ho (Cough Cough) Ho

I'm really not feeling in the Christmas spirit. I've been sick since Saturday with a nasty cold virus. All of my Christmas prep plans out the window.
Sigh. It's really too bad.

With Ed off for his teaching break, we could really be doing lots of fun stuff as a family but I can barely get out of bed.

Sean is still on medication, but pretty much back to his old, happy, roly poly, adorable baby self. He's even sleeping better at night, which is lovely.

Molly told us her "ear hurts" over the weekend and we knew right away it had to be an ear infection. Ed took her to the after-hours clinic and sure enough, she's on antibiotics, too. She also has had a nasty cough but seemed well enough to go to preschool today.

So, three of us sick this past week and Ed managing both kids and cooking so I can rest. No wonder I'm not much in the Christmas spirit.

I won't be able to finish making the family Christmas gifts until after Christmas. Oh, well.

But what gets me is spending my time off trying to get well and not knowing if I'll be well enough to enjoy the festivities later in the week. Yucky.

Ed did Molly's Christmas shopping today so she will have gifts under the tree.
I'll have to try to do Ed's and Sean's shopping tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it.

Blah. Yucky. Ugh. I hate, hate being sick.


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