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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Looking Back, Looking Forward

It's been a whirlwind 12 or so days since I got sick. First, there was prepping for Christmas. Or not.

I really didn't get my stuff done because I was in bed trying to get better. The cough and congestion never seemed to end, but finally they have. Finally.

So, Christmas was low-key this year. But nice. We did spend Christmas Eve with Ed's family, as we usually do. They switched around the schedule--opening gifts first and then dinner--at my request, and so that was nice. There was some tension related to some gift-giving stuff, but I think we got that worked out for the most part.

Ed's parents were very generous to Molly and Sean and that was really sweet. I was glad I didn't buy too much for them, because everyone else has been giving them gifts.

Molly was really into "Santa" this year--we made cookies (even though I was still sorta sick) and set them out with milk for Santa to have on Christmas Eve. She was thrilled to see the next morning that the cookies were gone and her stocking was full. It was very cute.

We woke up Christmas morning to a fresh snowfall in our city and it was absolutely lovely. A beautiful Christmas scene.

Christmas Day we lounged around the house and I managed to use a gourmet soup mix and simmer a big pot of soup for dinner, so we had something warm and sorta homemade to celebrate the holiday.

Then I spent the next several days finally getting out of bed and back to my old self...gradually. We cleaned up the house.

And, miracle of miracles, when Ed took the kids to his family's post-Christmas gathering last weekend, I went into my office.

I cleaned and organized my office in a thorough way that I've been itching to do since I started my job on Sept. 1. I hung up pictures. I set out a plant. I made it my own. It will be so fantastic to go back to work next week with a clean, organized office.

Then we got ready for our trip. We drove down to my parent's house a few days ago. We have been catching up with various family members and I finally--finally!--finished the Christmas gifts of personalized calendars that I started working on several weeks ago. Getting sick really derailed my project. But, we'll have the gifts done by tomorrow night to give to everyone as belated Christmas gifts.

It's been wonderful to spend so many days together as a family--both Ed and I off work and several gatherings with our extended family members on both sides. Such a happy time.

Molly decided right before Christmas that she is "done with Pull-Ups" and sure enough, she has only had about 2 or 3 accidents in the past week. She just decided she is potty-trained. I hope I haven't spoken too soon and jinxed myself on this, but it's really nice. She even stays dry most nights...all night. I'm really proud of my girl.

And, Sean has decided he's ready to move, but he hasn't quite figured out how to crawl yet. He gets into position on all fours, kind of sways back and forth, but doesn't know how to move forward yet. He's such a sweetie pie. He brings so much pleasure into our lives. We are so lucky.

Tomorrow the family is gathering here at my parent's house for Sean's blessing. It's kind of like a baptism, but since we are Unitarian, it's a blessing, or dedication, really. My aunt is going to be the officiant and everyone in the family will have a small role. It's a perfect way to ring in the new year by officially welcoming Sean into our family and into the world.

Next year--2004--I've hardly had any time to contemplate it. But I know it's got to be quieter, full of fewer dramas, than this year. Gotta be!

Welcome, 2004!


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