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Friday, January 09, 2004
We Got an Offer!

We got an offer on our house this week. Lower than we wanted, but we will counter offer and see what happens. After so many months, it's nice to know that somebody might want our cute little house, sitting empty and lonely in the snow.

Still, I've learned the hard (and expensive) way about counting your chickens before they get financing, so we will see how things unfold. It's exciting, though.

Very, very busy at work, so I must stop writing and finish up here before the weekend.

Family party tomorrow at our house (but everyone else is bringing the food--all I have to do is clean up), so that will be fun.

Gift certificates from Christmas that still need to be used, so maybe we'll do that.

We'll probably have a fire in our cozy fireplace after the kids go to bed. I need to relax!

This week at work has been sort of scary, it's so darn busy.

Monday I have a breakfast and lunch meeting and then another meeting in between! Yikes!

Oh, and also this weekend: laundry that never, ever ends. I swear, our laundry duty is just endless. We spend all weekend doing laundry and then before you know it, it is piling up again. How does this happen?

For ten years, when I lived alone as a happy single gal I averaged 1 to 2 loads per week and could even get away with skipping a week. Not anymore.

I'm still not used to this new family that suddenly has come into my life over the past 4.5 years. I love 'em all, but these household chores are on an endless loop that still amazes me sometimes.

Monday, January 05, 2004
So Far, So Good for 2004

Today it was back to work. I was really kind of sad to see 2 weeks of vacation end (even though the first week of it I was sick as a dog). That time together as a family---and with our extended family---was just so wonderful. I feel thankful for ending the year in such a nice, happy way. Everyone healthy (finally) and sort of ready to get back to our regular lives.

Yet my Aunt Molly's breast cancer weighs on my mind. She has to go for a second surgery next week. She's hanging in there, trying to mentally and emotionally (and physically) adjust to the idea of having cancer. It's tough. I feel for her. She and I have been close our whole lives, one reason that I named my daughter after her. I want to be there for her during this difficult time.

Some happy things: Molly's potty training seems to have stuck this time around. Still, we have a few accidents now and then, but mostly, we're golden. Sigh of relief. It will be nice to give up Pull-Ups, except at night.

Sean's so close to crawling! He gets up on all fours and wobbles and sways and tonight Ed and I thought we did see one little crawl, but he didn't repeat it, so we weren't sure. He continues to be such a happy, easygoing, smiling, sweet baby and gives me joy every day. This morning he actually slept in so that I could get completely ready for work in the quiet by myself and then go fetch him and then Molly when I was ready! Wow! That's a first!

Back to work--my boss took me for a long working lunch today and we made our to-do list for the semester. She's a little freaked out about how much we have to do, and it is a lot, but I feel calm and ready to be more organized this year and stay on top of everything. Wish me luck! I have a second student assistant starting, so that helps me stay calm and just start delegating like crazy so I don't get bogged down in stupid stuff that I could have a part-time student do just as easily so I can focus on the big stuff.

My boss, Deb, was also talking about how she has some plans for next Fall and wants to position me to do higher-level tasks as a way to advance my career step by step.....and I was so happy. It was just the kind of thinking I had been doing in recent months, but to have HER bring it up was so affirming. She's really looking out for me and my career. She promised me when I uprooted my family and took this job that this was a "career making" move and she is keeping her word. I'm really lucky to have her as a boss.

She also gave me my belated Christmas gift--a $50 gift certificate to Marshall Field's. She said it was to help build my professional wardrobe. I know what that means: she thinks I don't dress professionally enough a lot of the time. I agree and I plan to start shopping for suits this year, even though I find them constricting a lot of the time. It also helped push me along to continue to lose this damn baby weight that has been hanging around and fit into some nice clothes hanging in my closet. I've got about 10 more lbs. to go.

The Weight Watchers continues to work for me sort of, but it's slow going. I'm starting an aerobics class next week and that should help. It's been 18 months since I did aerobics and I can't wait to get back to it. I'm so out of shape it's a joke. For 10 years, I was a faithful aerobics fan and then I was off and on throughout the past 4 years due to two pregnancies and new-baby fatigue, but I am so, so very ready to get back to it.

This may sound weird, but after I went back to the gym after Molly was born (about 9 months after she was born), I almost cried during my first aerobics class because I was so happy to be back and missed it so. It's not the class itself that I missed, as much as the experience of exercising and feeling healthier and not feeling bummed out when I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror.

Okay, my resolutions for 2004---stay more organized at work, keeping my desk and office somewhat "together," and get back to exercise!! Enjoy time together as a family--going to the zoo, just playing games (tonight Molly and I built a castle with her new Christmas blocks), or whatever. Spend more quality time with Ed and with friends I haven't seen in awhile.

Yay for me. I"m excited about 2004.


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