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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Happy Belated Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 38. Wow. So, so hard to believe. Almost 40! Yowsa!

My birthday was really hectic. Work was crazy, but Deb took me to lunch and she said not to freak out about all this work and ask for help. So, I"m doing it. I'm really ok. Everything will get done. One step at a time. I just have to remember that.

We got a huge snow dump yesterday, so Ed took a long time getting home from work and I had both kids (Molly has a cold and has kindly given it to Sean. Yuck!) for awhile. Kinda stressful.

But we ate good Chinese food that Ed had picked up and relaxed and talked about the latest offer on our house---still too low for us to accept, but they seem interested. We'll see if they will negotiate.

My other birthday celebration is this weekend--Ed's parents are taking the kids for 24 hours and we'll have some peace and quiet. Oh, so nice. So, so nice to have the house to ourselves for awhile.

I'm so lame, though--I plan to get my haircut and do a little bit of shopping and clean and organize some parts of the house that have gone untouched for too long. We'll go out to dinner and I don't know what else. It won't be anything exciting like going skiing or to a rock concert, but keeping it quiet and nice sounds like heaven to me.

The main thing is that we will do whatever we want and whenever we want!! Bliss!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Timing is Everything

The 2nd offer on our house did not work out, either. Too complicated and too low.
It appears there is another offer coming down the pike this week.

Jeez Louise! All of this after months and months of no interest at all. Finally we will sell this puppy soon!

On a much lighter note, my friend Amy introduced me to the very cool Bobux shoes for babies! They WILL NOT FALL off no matter what, they are soft leather things that mold to their feet and are well-loved by European moms (so it goes without saying that they are stylish in a baby-appropriate way).

I just bought a pair of them for Sean with the Christmas money my parents gave to him and I had yet to spend. It may seem a bit of a whimsy (or just darn crazy) to spend $25 for a pair of baby shoes but if their sizing chart is correct, they will last for six months (depending on his feet grow) and, as I said, they will not fall off. It's a secret Bobux design!

If you read their testimonial page and then do not buy their shoes for your baby, then you are a stronger mother than me!


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