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Monday, February 02, 2004
It's A (Good) Sign

Yesterday morning I had just dropped Molly off and was driving the last 10 minutes to work when I heard a story on NPR about one of the topics I covered in my dissertation.

It was thrilling because it wasn't just that it was a familiar topic--it was Jamaica Kincaid's novel "Lucy" and the influence that Jane Eyre had on this work--but the article delved into the issue with an "argument" that I had put forth in my dissertation in 2001.

So, it's great to feel validated about my work. A dissertation, by its very definition, must be an original work of scholarship. In order words, I'm not just repeating or summarizing what others have said, but I'm coming up with some new and original and interesting observations about a subject.

And a good dissertation explores it in detail, in depth.]

So, while the NPR story this morning touched on observations that I had made in my work, it lacked some of the complexity that I uncovered in my research. THat's okay. There's a big difference between a scholarly, 300+ page dissertation and a 3-minute radio interview.

However, it was wonderful to hear the interview and to feel that the years of work I put into my dissertation is indeed relevant and interesting and thought-provoking to others besides me and my dissertation advisor!

It fired me up to try to publish some of my dissertation chapters. Since my career has taken me in a different direction that my PhD scholarship, I have not published much from my dissertation. However, it's not too late.

Hmmm. I'm thinking about it.


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