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Thursday, February 19, 2004
Things Are Cooking

While I am bummed out that Howard Dean is no longer a contender in the race for the Democratic nomination, I applaud him for basically saying "Let's get George W. out of the White House." Amen to that, Howie!

I'm also quite bummed out that we had some water damage in our kitchen this week....a very slow leak out of the back of an upstairs toilet caused some cabinet damage in the kitchen directly below it. Too bad we didn't notice it sooner! I guess the good news is that we were able to tighten the bolt on the back of the toilet to stop the water and so now we just have to pay for getting the damage fixed...or use our homeowner's insurance. Still, not fun to deal with all of that.

But, the good news is that the inspection on the old house went fine and the buyers are full steam ahead. We're supposed to close on the old house next week!! The weight is starting to lift off of my shoulders. It's been a long, difficult journey trying to sell this house. I will be quite happy when the deal is done next week.

Other good news: my friend Howie asked me to do a reading in his wedding next winter. I am honored. He did a reading at our wedding, so it's a nice compliment back to me.

March is my least favorite month of the year. So blah, so brown, so dreary. I'm trying to think of some inexpensive and fun ways to make next month enjoyable. Maybe each week we will rent a movie we missed in 2003. Maybe I'll actually finish getting nooks and crannies of the our house organized.

Maybe Sean will start sleeping through the night.

Last night he woke up only once at 4am and even though after a bottle he was still wide awake, I gently coaxed him back into his crib and he went back to sleep until 6am. Maybe we've turned a corner on this "sleeping through the night thing." This afternoon is the first time I haven't felt sleepy at 4pm in weeks and weeks.

Oh, it's the simple things in life...

Tuesday, February 17, 2004
A Snapshot of Thoughts and Worries

So much going on right now. Here's a snapshot of my thoughts and worries from last night:

I am worried about the inspection of our old house on Wednesday afternoon. Something big could come up and wreck our chance to close on the house next week.

I am relieved that Molly was eating the raw veggies I set out last night before dinner. Except for baby corn and carrots, she will reject almost every vegetable and dinner food I come up with. Typical preschooler, I guess.

I am disappointed at myself that the heart-shaped box of See's candy (See's makes Godiva taste like Hershey's) that Ed gave me for Valentine's Day is almost gone. I've eaten about 4 pieces a day. Call me Miss Piggy. I dread my Weight Watcher's meeting on Thursday.

I am pissed that I still have not put away the laundry from last week or updated the checkbook. I feel so behind on all my domestic chores.

I am incredibly exhausted since Sean kept me up most of Sunday night with an ear infection.

I am happy that we got to see our pediatrician Monday morning so he could confirm the ear infection and get him on antibiotics. The cough sounds really nasty--yuck.

I am hoping that Sean sleeps well tonight so I can get some sleep (he does!).

I am so pleased that Molly was ecstatic about her new "big girl" single bed we put into her room this weekend (new mattress and box spring but a hand-me-down headboard and footboard from my childhood). She loves her new Winnie the Pooh bedspread and new sheets and I pat myself on the back for getting her childhood bedding that will be a hand-me-down for her brother when he gets older.

(I try to choose non-girlie themes for her when I can avoid it. I can't stomach those "Disney princesses" --Snow White, Cinderella--as a decorating/accessory theme! But, at the same time, I let her make choices for herself when appropriate.)

I am happy to have Ed and Molly back in the house last night; he and Molly spent Sunday and Monday with his parents so our house was quiet and weird with just me and Sean Sunday night.


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