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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Calgon, Take Me Away!

It's been a crazy week. Work is busier than ever and doesn't show signs of slowing down. However, Deb and I are plotting to hire another full-time staff member for next fall and so I feel comfortable knowing this first year was our "learning curve" and next year will be more settled, more organized! But, meanwhile, things keep cooking and I get a lot of help and support during these crazy, busy days.

Just some notes about life in general--

Boy, the ink spilled about the ending of Sex In The City was quite copious! I love the show, and even I was getting sick of all the hoopla. However, I was happy with the way it ended and I was pleased to see they let the characters change and grow and didn't keep them "forever 35 and ambivalently single." I'm thrilled about the Sopranos new season coming up in March and Six Feet Under this summer. Love, love, love those shows, especially Six Feet Under.

So pissed off--yet again--at George Bush and his antics. Trying to change the Constitution to ban gay marriage.? What a jackass. Let's just all put ourselves out of misery and get a Democratic in the White House, please! Ralph Nader, step aside, please.

Life at home is humming along, but once again the clutter is my worst enemy. My sister and her family are cutting back on expenses, but she can't imagine living without her house cleaner twice a week. We may have to jump on that bandwagon and cut back in some other area of life in order to afford it. I spent last weekend telling Molly that I couldn't spend time with her because I had to clean the bathroom/kitchen/bedrooms. That's not really a good way to spend the weekend, frankly. I don't want to do that to my daughter or my family.

I took Sean to his 9-month check up today. I had no list of "worries" or "questions" for the doctor. Sean is just getting over last week's ear infection, but other than that, he is such an easy, pleasey baby. He's predictable in his sleeping and eating schedule, crawling around and pulling himself up and checking out the world, easy to entertain, and sweet and adorable. What's not to love? I'm just so much more relaxed this second time around and enjoying the journey of having a baby (although those 5am wake up calls are not so much fun).

We close on our old house on Friday. I can't even describe the relief I feel. It's huge. I am taking the entire day off because frankly, I need it.

I also need some Calgon, but I'll have to wait until the bathtub gets clean!


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