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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
The Usual Chaos

Okay, so April is supposed to be the "quiet month." Yeah, right.

Well, it did start kind of quiet. My days in San Diego last week were really, really nice.
The conference I went to was good, albeit boring in some spots. But the conference site was amazing--a huge hotel overlooking the marina near San Diego's downtown. From my room on the 9th floor, I had a spectacular view of San Diego's skyline, the harbor and the distant mountain range. Just lovely.

I would make coffee in my little coffee maker in the hotel room and sit outside on my tiny balcony in the morning and just enjoy some quiet time.

Even though I traveled for work--this was a vacation: a vacation from the daily hubub of my job, from tending to two demanding yet cute small children, from cooking and cleaning. I really needed the time "off." I slept between 8-9 hours each night without interruption (for a mom with a baby, that is heaven in itself), I ate dessert with lunch, and I ordered room service and stayed within the budget dictated by the University.

Even the delays and mishaps making my airport connections didn't phase me. And then I was thinking: I love traveling alone and always have. I love family vacations, too, but I absolutely crave the peace and quiet of traveling solo sometimes. Very nice.

Then, I got home and guess what: April suddent got complicated. Deb calls me on the weekend to tell me she had emergency surgery on Friday night for a partially detached retina. While she is in recovery and should be fine, her recovery means long periods of time out of the office and limited access.

On the one hand, that's good: it means that life will slow down a bit for both of us, but it means that I will start handling some of my boss's work, which is not so great. I am already overloaded. Oh, well, I will survive. And she should be fine, Thank God.

And, I feared that Deb would ask me not to take my 2 vacation days planned for next week, but she didn't. She said I should go ahead and take the days off and enjoy. That was reassuring coming from a boss who is a bit of a workaholic.

And, on the home front, Ed and his parents handled the kids just fine while I was gone.
Sean has been clingy since I got home and it may be just a phase he is in or the fact I was gone for 3.5 days, or a bit of both. The fact is he needs and deserves my undivided attention and I am very good about setting aside time and attention just for him. He is such a sweet, happy baby...he makes it easy to make him happy.

And, Molly has been as precocious as usual. Each week she decides she wants to be something else for Halloween. This week she wants to be the Easter Bunny. Last week it was Tinky Winky and before that, it was Batman. It's cute. She's really into "let's pretend."

One of my favorite ways to spend one-on-one time with her is to put on the radio after dinner and just dance crazy with her in the family room while Ed gives Sean a bath.

Oh, and before I forget: we had yet another water-related mishap in our new house on Sunday. This time, a washing machine hose sprung a leak. Luckily, we caught it before serious damage could happen.

Still--damn! Three water-related mishaps in 8 months? What's up with that?

As I said, the usual chaos...


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