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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Even More Chaos

I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. Seems like so much has happened, but nothing truly earth-shaking.

Last weekend we drove with the kids to Louisville. They were remarkably well-behaved for a 6.5 hour drive, and considering Sean is still backward-facing in his car seat. I love going to Louisville because my parents and extended family spoil us--they watch the kids, they feed us, they give us stuff (like hand-me-down baby clothes!), they just make us feel great.

We spent Easter at my aunts' home, and they really made it special--a fancy brunch and an Easter basket for all the kids and an Easter egg hunt. Then, my parents kept the 2 kids in Louisville and Ed and I drove back to Michigan alone!

We had 48 hrs of child-free, work-free time! Fabulous. Ed is on spring break and I took 2 vacation days. We slept in, we went out to eat, and I spent most of my waking hours organizing our storage area in the basement and all of our financial and other files. It was an orgy of cleaning and organizing and I was very pleased. I really needed some down time (yes, I know, cleaning and organizing is sort of down time, but not really, but I'll take what I can get).

My parents drove the kids back up to Michigan on Tuesday night. Then back to work.

Yikes! I'm swamped at work and my desk is a mess. It seems I can't have it both ways: either my house is messy and disorganized and my work is up to date, or vice versa. I'm not destined to have a clean and organized house and a clean and organized desk.

I am forced to choose. I'm so glad I chose my home life this week. It was really, really nice. Now, I'm back to work. Sigh.

Everything, in the overall scheme of things, will be fine.

It's just the usual chaos until then...but, hey,at least it's Spring!


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