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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Things are really going ok. But, of course, I always have to keep my worries warm.
Lots 'o worries, but I was like this even before I had kids.

When Ed and I had our cleaning/purging day a few weeks ago, I came across an old journal of mine from the year in which I was moving from my Master's degree to my PhD program. I was also moving out of state to a new university and dealing with a difficult relationship with a guy (on-again, off-again).

When I just picked up the journal to skim some pages, I was struck by all of my worries and anxiety that never materialized--worries about being able to finish a PhD, to make everything work out okay with the big move, to finally break it off with Mr. Wrong.

Don't get me wrong--all of those things were challenging, but everything worked out find. I worked hard, kept myself together, had faith in my abilities, and life moved on.

So, I guess there's a lesson there: trust in my life now and keep the worries in perspective.

Sean has been sick the past 2 days--high temperature, not acting like himself. The doctor assured me, after examining him on Tuesday night, that it was a virus that had to run its course.

This morning the fever broke and Sean woke up, rested and happy and pretty much well again. Yes, I worried a lot in the past two days, but he is fine. Although, really, as a mom, it's in my job description to worry.

So, my next worry: Ed finding a teaching job closer to our city. Tomorrow he's got an informational interview at a local school and a job fair. Keeping my fingers crossed and trying to keep my worries in check.

Too bad my "worry job" doesn't provide an extra pay check.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Keeping It Together

Despite a daughter who decided yesterday to forget she was potty trained, life seems to be moving forward in some positive directions--

my boss, Deb, is back at work and feeling better and it's good to be collaborating face-to-face again.

my various part-time assistants continue to make my life so much easier and I hope I never take them for granted.

Sean is starting to sort of sleep through the night, waking up once at 4:30am to take a bottle and then sleep until 6:30am! Wahoo!

Sean is also walking a lot (and clapping along with us when we cheer him on) and eating solid foods like there's no tomorrow and just generally being a charmer. We're planning his one-year birthday party next month!

Molly is starting to be the difficult one. I heard the 3.5 year mark is known for difficult moments and that is proving true. She's testing her limits with Ed and I and so time-outs are now in order and she is showing a preference for junk food that was made worse for all the Easter candy in our house. But, we're managing.

Money is always an issue at our house, but our tax refund will help us buy a new lawn mower and get some minor fixes done on the deck and other places around the house that must be done.

Spring has arrived at last, so that makes life better all around. Life at work could be better, but it has been worse, so there you have it. The house is mostly clean with the usual nests of stuff here and there.

The usual ups and downs, but mostly ups.


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