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Monday, May 17, 2004
Back to My World

May started out really crazy--a continuation of March and April.

At work, our biggest event of the year--a 3-day trip with 36 people--was last week. It went swimmingly, although it was a tremendous amount of work for weeks leading up to it. I was worried about it all coming together, and a lot of it was riding on my shoulders, but it did come together.

Except for some minor snafus, it was a big success. So, that feels great, but I was utterly physically drained after it was all over.

Today is the official "end" of our busy academic season. I'm catching up on tasks and will be for awhile. But, it's quiet. Email has slowed. I get to take a breath. Deb comes back to work tomorrow, so then it will get busy again.

It feels like a new chapter on the domestic scene, as well--the nicer weather means that we spend more time outside with the kids, more time chatting with our neighbors, etc. It's so very nice. I'm in love with our house all over again.

Last night we had our first party using our deck, and it was wonderful to let the party spill out into the open. We celebrated Ed's birthday, Sean's first birthday and our Aunt Susan's birthday. Everybody pitched in, so I didn't feel too burdened by the party prep.

Actually, I love entertaining in my home, I love cooking for people and's just the amount of work and the cost that makes it burdensome. Especially with Molly and Sean running around. But, it all came together so nicely last night and everybody had left by 7:30pm so the kids could get to bed on schedule.

My mom came last week to help with the kids while I was gone on my work trip. I'm so grateful for her presence--she was so loving to Molly and Sean...and to me and Ed. I'm so lucky that we have grandparents who can help so I can travel for work and not worry so much....and I always worry. Always.

I hope this summer will feel like a turning point--settling into the house (getting some painting done and fixing it up), Ed finding a new job close to home (please, God!),finally , and the kids just enjoying the summer with us, and me finally getting my office organized and ready for the next academic year (oh, and losing those last 10 lbs!).


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